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Fat Attack!!


No, this is notafatloss supplement, but I still got your attention, right?

Well, let me introduce myself.
I am Shom. I am a 17 yr old guy from India.
Current stats-
height- 5'7
Weight- 85 kg
fat%- 32-35(nt sure)
Current prs-
Squat- 225 lbs for 3 reps
Bench 15o lbs
Deads(powerlifting style)- 150lbs for 2
Sumo deads- 225 lbs for 3 reps.
Shoulder press- 40 lb dumbells for 6 reps


facing problems cus of elbows and knees. I went to a physio who told me the elbow pain ws because of weak wrist extensorsand elbow hyper extension(hence, i started working my biceps and brachiradialis). The doctor I went to gave me calcium tablets, over the 1500mg i was already taking (i wont be seeing him again). My knees hurt because of the over pronation of my feet. This problem has spread to my hip, where I have a dull sensation of pain at night and during hip extension from flexion, i hear a pop nad get a little pain. I will be seeing an orthopedic tomorrow. I stopped training from the 3rd of march and resumed light full body sessions, concentrating on my core, vastus medialis(according to the physio, it will help with the bum knee), biceps and light high (25-30)rep tricep work

I want to go on a 2 month fat loss phase. I am motivated about training, but have little for nutrition. aiming to loose 400grams of fat per week. going to use the above mentioned plan with a few changes. No energy systems work for atleast the first 2 weeks because of the bad shape i am in.
As for my nutrition, i will keep a log, try to ingest enough protein(1kg whole chicken daily on average in addition to the protein shakes i take pwo.), eat fibrous veggies with every meal, along with either flaxmeal or ultimate nutrition omega 3 capsule.

Hydrolised whey protein isolate
ON Caesine
Ultimate nutrition BCAAs' (1:2:1 ratio of valine:isolucine:leucine)
San feirce
Dymatize elite
Dymatize protein blend
Centrum Multi vitamin
Ultimate nutrition omega 3
Vitamin C- 1000mg tabs
Vitamin E- 400mg capsules
Mixed carotinoids
Calcium carbonate tabs (each has 500mg cal)
Calcium Citrate Malate.

The basic things i know about eating-
Eat every 2-3 hours (i can do this)
Eat protein with every meal(easy)
Eat fibreous veggies with every meal(i get 2 on an average day)
Carb sources-mainly oats, rice and wheat flour.

My main problem is eating a lot every meal. I eat chips, or similar snacks almost daily. Like eating out (mostly spicy, dry chicken stuff)
My goals are-
Short term- loosing 2 kg fat in 2 months
Midterm(this year)- get strong and build up my shoulders and muscle mass to luk gud in college next year
Long term- Get a 2000 lbs total in powerlifting in 180 lbs bodyweight in 15 years.

I am lookin for giudance and a boot in my ass when i am slacking. dont let me down.
Will post pics tommorow. Ask if you need more info


Look.. Shom.

Are you fucking kidding me? You want to lose 2kg fat in 2 months? Well gee, you sure you're not aiming too high? Won't be much left of you left, at that rate. /Sarcasm.

Out of your 6 posts, one made it clear you didn't read the thread before posting (Amit Sapir's), and the other three were you giving advice... Which you have no authority to give, being obese and all. Hey, I don't mind people who want to improve, I was borderline obese too at one point, but I do mind your lame attitude.

Now, you expect us to not "let you down"? How about using the search function and google, and coming back for specific questions?

Actually, you know what? I'll give you a little guidance. Stop throwing money away on supplements. You're obese; maintaining those body fat levels is a full-time occupation. Go for walks, stop eating fast-food, anything sweet outside of some fruit, and other trash, and believe me, you won't need to think about doing something like "Destroying Fat" for another 10+ kilos. Meanwhile, pick up a BASIC program to start working out with. Maybe something by Chad Waterbury (not familiar with his work). Read some Berardi (7 habits). In fact, READ, period.


Edit: sans the cursing, now.


You don't need all that supplements. Add a little bit in when you fatloss progress stalls. TRY READING THE ARTICLES ON THIS SITE, start off with refined physique transformation by ct and also read the hierarchy of fatloss. This should more than enough to get you ready and prepped. Now next time, try the search function.


Straight up get rid of all those supplements. With all those veggies and meat I hardly think you need any of it except for maybe a good strong cup of coffee before your workout. Worst thing about some of the stuff you are taking is they may be ineffective or worse DANGEROUS.

Please do yourself a favor and look at the ingredients list for Noxplode. Shit is garbage. I am also wondering how you are upwards of 35% bf with what sounds like an excellent diet to me. Chicken, veggies.. I know you said you eat chips but shit... how many chips are we talking here? :slight_smile:


Dont know wut ur talkinabout, but thnx for the articles.
the noxplode is shit, i agree, but what can i do, i already bought the stuff.same goes for the fierce. the only supplements i take on a daily basis are my multivitamin, calcium and omega3. the rest, as and when i need them. so what are dangerous here?
the noxplode and fierce which i havent used in 2 months? the vitamin e which i take only after my workouts? btw, no need to be extra nice to me, just speak up your mind guys n girls.
thanx to both dudes on the info


oh yeah, the chips.... last ty m i ate any was 3-4 days bak. about a bowl. sometimes, if there is nothing in the house and i cant cook, i eat about 480 kcal worth of snaks(salty stuff, search for 'haldiram sab kuch'. Its something i have in the house most of the time.) I usually end up eating the whole pack, biscuits and chaips and stuff.


srry to hear bout u loosing ur job man....
as for walks, about a month back, i used to walk 2 hours daily. Now, i walk 1 bour minimum. While i might be using lifts instead of stairs, it is due to an injury i had. Also, I am not a total beginer to weight training.


Losing my job? Lol wut?

In hindsight, I shouldn't have cursed, but the main points, I stand by. Don't expect others to put in effort when you aren't, either. Be respectful, and put some groundwork in first. Give us more info and specific questions. 2kg/2 months is VERY slow fat loss, especially at your level. You may not be an absolute beginner, but you don't sound like you should be giving anyone advice.

If you were to post your daily food intake, I am pretty sure it'd be atrocious, but at least you'd get real feedback. By the way, your workout programme sounds useless, too. Post that, and I'm sure you will once again get feedback.


current program-
day 1-
Upper body horizontal push/pull

Maximal Bench lockout for 6-10 secs
Supra maximal seated row pull for 10 secs

A1-Barbell bench- 4-6 reps
A2-Dumbell fyles- 8-12 reps

rest-90 secs
B1-Bent row- 3-6 reps
B2-Pullover on decline bench- 10-15 reps

Perform the above 2 supersets 3 times

Move on to assistance and supplementary exercise-
Shoulder box- 3 sets of 7-15 reps
shoulder circles- 3 sets of 10
Rear delt flye- 2 sets of 12-15

Day 2- lower body-
A1-Sumo deadlift- 4-6 reps
A2- Toes out leg extension-20-25 reps

Rest 2 minute
Calf press- 20-25 reps
Rest 90sec

B1-Legcurl-$-6 reps
B2-SLDL-15-20 reps

Repeat for all exercises in sequence for 4 times.

Day 3-
Upper body vertical push/pull

A1-Assisted pullup-5-8 reps
A2-Dumbell + Resistance tube arm curls- 10-15 reps

Rest 90 secs

B1- Cable crossover shoulder press- 6-8 reps
B2- Tube lateral raises-15-20 reps

repeat 4 times

Assistance and supplementary-
Incline d/b JM press (or at least thats what i think i am doing) 25-30 repsx 2 sets

Shoulder box-10 reps 1 or 2 sets


If u didnt loose your job, y r u like this?




G87 is the man.

so wait, there's no fat loss supps here?


If you're really at 32% body fat, then the only advice you need is


You have a self control problem. You eat food when you don't need to, because it's just lying around the house. There's nothing crazy about the approach you need to take, you just need to not eat snack food. Eat your meals, eat more veggies and less oats/grains/rice, and don't give in to temptation.



What the fuck is "Shoulder box?"

In other news: This program is about right for 2kg fat loss per month. By that i mean it's not very good.

Try a legit program aimed at fat loss or just one that doesn't suck. Read the beginner stickies at the top of the beginner forum for the articles to read and the programs to follow.



Seriously. I try not to be all judgmental on here towards people, but c'mon bro.......

Supramaximal? PWO? Fat loss Phase? Vastus medialis? Energy systems work?

Look, there's nothing wrong with reading and being educated, but there is when A) You're on here giving advice out to people when you have NO RIGHT to, and B) You know all this shit when you're over 30% bodyfat! What the fuck bro?

This is the definition of what they call analysis paralysis. You've read so much shit, you're confused and spend so much fucking time reading you spend no time actually putting anything into practice.

Get on a sensible, BASIC diet like Berardi's 7 steps, take a few very simple supplements, mainly food ones, and get your ass on a sensible, BASIC fat loss cardio plan while doing a sensible, BASIC weight training program to get stronger and build muscle. That's it. Forget everything else you have ever learned. It has done you no good. And stop reading articles on here immediately.


Agreed, but damn you guys are being nice.

If someone this out of shape is actually GIVING advice to anyone else, they need to be whipped by somebody's grandmother.


Stop eating so much, bust your ass in the gym.

I think there must be refugees from BB.com or something comin' in here.

PS What the fuck is "energy systems work"?


or slapped with a potato. wait, wat?


the last program i took was not for fat loss. you guys asked, i presented. That wasmore of a Strength + Hypertrophy phase. Vastus medialis- need to strengthen it because of my over pronation problem. Ok, so I will post my eatin g for today with time. Do you guys, need to know how much i drink? I can put that up too if you like.

Shoulder box-
With the same dumbell through out, perform-
L- lateral rise
get to front raise prsition
drop down. I personally like to alter it a little by doing an eccentric lateral raise and then ending it.
Plus, on a different note- Saturated fat is necessary for testosterone production. So, why is it avoided by people during a fat loss phase and used in bulking? A little saturated fat, @ an approximate 5-10% of daily caliric intake, should theretically work. Why doesn't it?


The problem is that you are buried in details instead of not stuffing your face with snacks. Seriously, do you listen to yourself? You're too worried about "theory" to make any progress in real life. REAL life.

Saturated fat can be consumed. Nobody said it couldn't be. The problem is you talking about details when you need to get your ass to the grindstone and do the work, and keep off the snacks.


Too much testosterone :cry:

But really, you represent all that is annoying to a T-Nationer. You talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. You have no reason to be as cocksure as you are. If you'd just posted in the beginners' section and asked for advice, that would be one thing. Instead, you're running your mouth.. at 30% BF. Just re-read this thread and let all the replies sink in.

To give you some perspective, as a 16 year old, I lost about 12 kg in a few months before I knew a single fucking thing about working out or fat loss, just through sheer force of will. (I was kickboxing at the time).

Also, to reply to your PM about personal records. These would be:

Close Grip Bench Press - 220 lbs x 3
Front Squat - 240 x 2
Deadlift - 350 x 1

I haven't back squatted in a long time, and only started benching with a wider grip recently, so I couldn't honestly estimate those maxes. Excuses aside, I'm not strong, and my lifts have generally been stagnant for the past 3 months, during which I've been focusing on controlled eccentrics and form.

However, looking back at my starting training log numbers from Jan 08 I'm not unhappy about my progress.