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Fat Attack!!

No, this is notafatloss supplement, but I still got your attention, right?

Well, let me introduce myself.
I am Shom. I am a 17 yr old guy from India.
Current stats-
height- 5’7
Weight- 85 kg
fat%- 32-35(nt sure)

facing problems cus of elbows and knees. I went to a physio who told me the elbow pain ws because of weak wrist extensorsand elbow hyper extension(hence, i started working my biceps and brachiradialis). The doctor I went to gave me calcium tablets, over the 1500mg i was already taking (i wont be seeing him again). My knees hurt because of the over pronation of my feet. This problem has spread to my hip, where I have a dull sensation of pain at night and during hip extension from flexion, i hear a pop nad get a little pain. I will be seeing an orthopedic tomorrow. I stopped training from the 3rd of march and resumed light full body sessions, concentrating on my core, vastus medialis(according to the physio, it will help with the bum knee), biceps and light high (25-30)rep tricep work

I want to go on a 2 month fat loss phase. I am motivated about training, but have little for nutrition. aiming to loose 400grams of fat per week. going to use the above mentioned plan with a few changes. No energy systems work for atleast the first 2 weeks because of the bad shape i am in.

As for my nutrition, i will keep a log, try to ingest enough protein(1kg whole chicken daily on average in addition to the protein shakes i take pwo.), eat fibrous veggies with every meal, along with either flaxmeal or ultimate nutrition omega 3 capsule.

Hydrolised whey protein isolate
ON Caesine
Ultimate nutrition BCAAs’ (1:2:1 ratio of valine:isolucine:leucine)
San feirce
Dymatize elite
Dymatize protein blend
Centrum Multi vitamin
Ultimate nutrition omega 3
Vitamin C- 1000mg tabs
Vitamin E- 400mg capsules
Mixed carotinoids
Calcium carbonate tabs (each has 500mg cal)
Calcium Citrate Malate.

The basic things i know about eating-
Eat every 2-3 hours (i can do this)
Eat protein with every meal(easy)
Eat fibreous veggies with every meal(i get 2 on an average day)
Carb sources-mainly oats, rice and wheat flour.

My main problem is eating a lot every meal. I eat chips, or similar snacks almost daily. Like eating out (mostly spicy, dry chicken stuff)
My goals are-
Short term- loosing 2 kg fat in 2 months
Midterm(this year)- get strong and build up my shoulders and muscle mass to luk gud in college next year
Long term- Get a 2000 lbs total in powerlifting in 180 lbs bodyweight in 15 years.

I am lookin for giudance and a boot in my ass when i am slacking. dont let me down.
Will post pics tommorow. Ask if you need more info