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Fat At Hips!?!?

Well, i guess you could say that i am one of those people “blessed” with fat hips. I am a 6’0 195 lb male with a pretty fit body elsewhere, but the main problem is fat on the hips. I have been doing light cardio for a while now, while doing about 45-60 mins of split training. I was wondering if there were some good exercises I could do to help cut down the weight on the hips as it is kind of embarrising for a male to have wider/bigger hips. I may just have to step up the cardio to 45mins+ but dont know if running or biking would be better. Thanks for any help given.

running is going to melt the fat off your hips quicker, because your body needs to be more efficent, and big hips wont effect cycling as much as it will running.

At least that’s my guess.

Careful with increasing running volume though.

No such thing as spot reducing. But I’ve read somewhere that men who have womanly body fat storage patterns may have hormone problems. Might want to go get some tests done at the doc.

Bulk the F up, bring the rest of you into proportion with your hips

Thanks for the help guys, I guess I will just kick up the cardio and run…I dont think its hormone problems as they have begun to thin out over the past few weeks of cardio…but I guess I couldnt say for sure.

Get your legs huge and nobody will notice your hips…

You could be converting some of your testosterone into estrogen, causing you to store body fat similar to a female. Take some M or Alpha Male and begin interval training.

By running I assume you mean jogging for long distances (steady state cardio), I believe this would be huge mistake and may even cause additional body fat to be stored in the said area via numerous mechanisms.

Hope this helps.