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Fat Ass

im trying to get my bench up to 315 from 235 befor the year is up and i want to loose my gut. i dont have a big gut just flaby fat what do i need to do to get what i want befor the year.

You want to put 80 lbs on your bench in 3 months? Hey, aim high!

As far as your gut; change your diet.

Oh, andd don’t be too specific on these forums, you confuse me with all the details you just stated.

what should i do in my work out to get 80lb that fast.

80 pounds is a lot for 3 months. Is it doable? My instinct says no; you need more time.

Now perhaps your 235 is an easy max, with poor form and sloppy technique. In that case, fixing form and technique and learning to push yourself, you might put 20-30 lbs in a week. Of course your still looking at 50 lbs in 3 months, but that’s a lot more reasonable.

Look in the archives. Christian Thibedeau has a bench specialization program. Also, look into Westside. It’s hard to offer advice without knowing where you came from and how you got where you are now.

What have you been doing? Are you stuck right now? How long have you been training? Etc, etc.

teh problem iz you are liftin 235 and not 315 so you should start lifting 315 and stop just lifting onlys 235. just do it, brah