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Fat Ass Training Log

Been working out since beginning of May. Hard to keep my log on my cell phone so I’m gonna put it here. Nothing special.


Height: 5’10"
Weight: 244.2

Waist: 47 7/16
Chest: 46 5/8
Butt: 47
Neck: 17 1/2
L Thigh: 25 3/8
R Thigh: 24
L Calve: 17 1/2
R Calve: 17
L Bicep: 14
R Bicep: 14 1/2
L Forearm: 12 1/2
R Forearm: 12 3/4

Goal: 200 Lbs
Waist: 30 Inches


30 Min walk every morning
All workouts starting at 9pm central because of work.

Monday - Starting Strength A/B
Tuesday - 30 Min Cardio / Stretching
Wednesday - Starting Strength B/A
Thursday - 30 Min Cardio / Stretching
Friday - Starting Strength A/B
Saturday - 30 Min Cardio / Stretching
Sunday - OFF


Mornings - Bacon and Eggs with one cup of milk /or/ Cheerios
Snack 1 - Beef Jerky /or/ Cup of Tuna
Lunch - Two Cups of Tuna /or/ Turkey Sandwich on Wheat
Snack 2 - Cup of Tuna /or/ Various Fruits
Dinner - Chicken Breast w/ broccoli or edamame beans.
Snack 3 - Usually post work out Protein Shake

Not a whole lot of information on my diet. I’m not going to be eating tuna everyday but definately going no/low carb. Only Carbs, if any, will be coming from my breakfast.

Thats all, just needed to write this out. If you have anymore suggestions for no carb foods please share them with me. The diet is the hardest part for me.