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Fat Ass Needs Help!

First let me say, I need to drop serious weight. I am 6’ and 280. I have been tring to get into the gym. But am struggling to make a habit of it. I have read enough to know that I cant add strength and lose weight. I need help to figure the safest and fastest way to drop large amounts of fat. I have done stupid fad diets, only to gain it back. I would like to drop this fat so I can try putting some good muscel on.

Walk a lot, compound lifts, eat healthy.

There is NOTHING on the face of this earth that will ever be more effective than this.

Also, gaining strength and losing weight aren’t only possible, it’s inevitable if you’re just starting out.

If you’ve been reading here then you know what needs to be done. The only thing you need is:


[quote]tinman17 wrote:
I have read enough to know that I cant add strength and lose weight.[/quote]

If by this you mean you gain muscle that replaces the fat you’re losing so your body weight stays stagnant, then yes I agree. (As a beginner.)

Otherwise your reading the wrong shit.

There are alternatives to getting into the gym, but it’s probably your best bet. Something about being in a room with a bunch of other people training that makes it easier.
Training partners can be good too. Especially if they’re motivated enough to kick your arse for not turning up.

As far as making a habit of it goes. Just make yourself go there, a set number of days a week for 6 weeks. Don’t tell yourself it’s to train. In fact, tell yourself it’s just to do a few minutes, and once you’re there you’ll decide to do more. After a while you’ll miss it a lot if you don’t go.

Getting there is the biggest battle. I’m a carpenter myself and know it can be hard to do after work, but when you get into it you’ll fire up in there no matter how tired you feel and it’ll carry on for hours afterwards.

In my case I made it easy by picking a gym that I drive past twice a day, even though it’s 40km from my house.

Second point, if you’re relatively new to training, you will gain strength and lose fat at the same time. You’ll likely gain some muscle too.

As for the diet. Read some of the stuff here and take it on as a lifestyle, not a quick fix. Most are relatively low carb’. I like to carb’ load one day a week, which is part of some low carb’ diets. Read a few and you’ll find out why in terms of how it effects muscle and fat. I like it because I get a break in the kinds of food I eat and can relax a little.

Best of luck.

[quote]Typhoon wrote:
If you’ve been reading here then you know what needs to be done. The only thing you need is:


Can’t agree more.

If you’re relatively new to lifting, you can absolutely make some gains in lean mass while dropping fat. I think it’s especially true for people who need to lose a significant amount of fat. Not only is their more time for it to grow (as you have more to lose and a longer road ahead) but because fat is a fuel source for the body.

Following a lower carb approach and supplementing fish oils may improve insulin sensitivity and will help re-program your body to burn fat more readily. Combine that with a smart and effective workout plan and putting on 5-6 more lbs of muscle while cutting the fat should happen almost automatically.

Velocity Diet + CT’s extra bit. Look up Gus’s Transformation thread in the Velocity Diet forum. Do that and then switch to either Rippetoes SS, Madcow 5x5 or WS4SB 1,2 or 3.

Also “I have read enough to know that I cant add strength and lose weight.” That’s not right. When you are in a deficit your body will burn the fat at faster rate than it will build muscle. Even allowing for the differences in density you will lose weight and gain strength. On the Vel diet my deadlifting increased by some 35lbs, granted I was a newbie but that still is an increase.

The base study of the Velocity had people drinking 800kcals a day those that did weights had a measured strength increase and maintained lean mass. So even though they were heavier than the cardio group at the end they would have looked much better.

Im in the same boat though I have a gym I frequent Im 6 ft 260 lbs. Ive learned quite abit from the articles on this site.
The V-Diet would strip that away from what Ive read

Have you ever Tried the V-Diet? I was not able to find “Gus’s Transformation” thread.




then come back here with more than that bro. your dietary effort also probably needs to be dialed up

lets get supreme numbers, body stats, current workout regimen, etc.

let me know that if I answer here, its for a good cause, right?

any serious resistance training will melt the weight off if you’re truly a sedentary fat ass even if your diet stays exactly the same

we can say all we want but in the end if you don’t want it we can’t make you want it

Si, senor. I concur.