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Fat ass big martin going on a diet

what up dudes…i have had very ruff go of it the last week or so…well last week i tried some new medication and had a terribile reaction really made me sick, quit using it after 3 days and it ran me down so bad that my immune system went to shit and i work with 100’s of kids everyday so that is not a good combo and i caught the worst case of the flu ever in my life…i spent 2 days pukeing non-stop spent the next 2 in bed and have ate maybe 2,000 calories total in the last 5 days…i did some rep work last night and got really winded. i have been able to force feed myself 3 meals today but my stomach is very sick still…also i have decided to spend the next couple of months dieting down to the 220-242 region as i am entering the 290-300 region right now and my health is going to shit my blood pressure is really high, i am having feet problems and i sweat through 2 shirts and 2 pair of underwear a day, and i am young and this is not smart as i would like to live a long life…so with the help of beverly nutrtion,ast,and biotest supplements i am going to spend the winter dieting down and then hit a meet in the spring probally the ipa iron house classic in april at a much much lighter weight…in my opinion the gfh thing can only be taken so far… you can gain a lot of weight and get a good strength base but you have to know when a nuff is a nuff…i will not be posting my work out during the first month or so of this dieting phase it will be westside but i am going to take the time to experement with volume and stuff and this being a forum where a lot of new powerlifters come for info i do not want them to become confused as the westside template and the 8 keys is the best thing for them…i have had a ball posting my training on here and have loved getting tons of pm’s and questions and even helping people with training programs it has been a great experence…AND I WILL CONTINUE TO HELP ANYONE WHO ASKS SO KEEP THE PM’S COMING…but i will no longer post my training log for a period of time…but i will keep you guys up-to-date on my diet progress wish me luck as i dont diet well lol…thanks guys big martin

Good call on your part. Seriously … you can still GFH at the weight you want. Just rock up on that weight, and look like a bodybuilder :smiley: Seriously, good move, and best of luck to you man.

I think all of us really appreciated reading your log, Martin. You give out some good advice.

Good luck with the getting healthy bit. Although the dieting part may suck (well, I like eating my fruit and bright coloured veggies anyways), it can get fairly fun depending on the training you do.

Just decided to repost this since you have the seperate topic now. Again, good luck and work on keeping it fun.

sent you a pm because i’m curious as to what you’re going to change volume wise, as i’ve gone through a dieting phase while maintaining most of my strength (277 to 245). bench is where i significantly lost a lot of strength. i did not really change anything, except that volume was watched very closely. i didn’t wave high volume to low volume (for supplemental work), it wasj ust pretty much all low volume. i dragged the sled about 4 times a week

remember it’s mostly a function of diet.

Good luck, man!

I’d like to see your plan of attack as well. Good luck bro

Good luck bro.

Im also interesting at how youll use westside and volume for cutting.


Good luck Martin. I have done something similar after i finished playing college ball, i weighed more than i wanted to and decided to drop some weight for health reasons and to get into the 275’s. I am 6’3 so i really couldn’t compete in the 242’s as i am tall for 275’s. I ended up around 250 and a little over 10%BF, while making significant gains in my total. then i bulked back up to the low 270’s. My overall plan is a series of bulking and cutting diets so that i will be extremely solid and compete at 275 carrying the mass of a 308. If you need any help or advice with your plan, feel free to contact me and i will help you as much as i can.

Good luck big guy. Yeah, being around kids can be a big risk to your health. My first three years of teaching I felt like I picked up a new bug every month or so. But I would be interested to see how you alter your training to drop the weight. Have you considered posting a Big Martin Weight loss training log?

Just wanted to chime in, too, and wish you good luck. You have been by far one of the most helpful posters on this board, as far as Powerlifting/Strength questions go. Your experience with Westside combined with your willingness to help out all of us newbies (like me), has been very appreciated. I know you will continue to help people, but I just thought I’d take advantage of this thread to chime in some thanks.

By the way, I am currently training Westside and sort of dieting (want to get lean by summer), but I have a lot of time, so nothing big. More like maintenance/slow cut, so that I can continue to make decent strength gains.


Thanks a lot guys…it means a lot…i plan to start my diet next monday or tuesday depends when a mail-package of supplies i need gets here…the volume situation is not going to change much from my normal workouts but i am going to be experementing with rep-ranges as i have noticed i actually get stronger from triples rather than max singles i may take this to max sets of 4’s for a few weeks and work up from 6’s much like max-ot style but if i do this it wil be for a very short period just to help kick start my diet, but i am going to add in 2 extra rep days a week for the first 4-6 weeks to help jump start my diet and get my ass in shape some, this rep day will be mostly recovery day used the morning after the main sessions to help with recovery and burn calories and help my conditioning it will be like a gpp -warmup but will include things like dumbell presses, dumbell rows, pull downs, shoulder movements, pull throughs, band gm, band leg curls, and lots of upper back work i will keep all the movements in 10-25 rep range all fairly light and mostly done in large tri-sets and supersets…we already got snow on the ground here in indy and i train in my garage so sled dragging is not a real big option right now for me…mostly i am going to let my diet do the work…most my freinds are actually either competitive bodybuilders or ex-bodybuilders now turen plers…and when i told them it was time to diet they all told me the same thing talk to the people at beverly nutrition and asy as they have masterd the art-of dieting down while keeping muscle and strength…the things that are going to be the tuffest for me areall mental i am going to have to have lifestyle change i am so used to eating a lot of food and training at night…i am now going to begin to train from 7-8 am in the morning now before work…this iwll be odd for me…i also must not get caught up in the mental aspect of strength loss i am just going to have to gear in mentally and be tuffer than the iron…thanks for the support guys and i will kepp you guys updated…big martin

Had to show support for one of the most helpful posters on this site! I’ve enjoyed your training log since day one, and your quote about wanting to do nothing either then eat, sleep, train, and pump tren in your ass was great. Good luck, and like you said, be stronger than the iron!

Martin, one of my friend went from 290 (on 6’2") down to 260 right now (he wants to drop down to 235) and is still very very strong. He is a competitive strongman and powerlifter. He realized that he needed to loose some weight when he was unable to reach the bar when deadlifting because his belly would get in the way!

He can still bench press in the 455-465lbs range (maxed out at 475 when at 290) without a shirt. And his deadlift is stronger than ever at over 700lbs.

Good luck man! If done intelligently you should not loose any strength.

Good luck man. I am in the third week of my fat bastard cut down too. Be careful with the early morning workouts though. I had problems with joints when doing the same thing(Worked out at 5 am before work). I’ve read it is due to everthing not being compressed from lying horizontal all night. Don’t know the technicalities but since going to third shift and training after work my joint soreness has disappeared. Anyway good luck!!!

christian i just got done reading your the beast evolves article for the first time after a freind told me about it …it was great motivation and i got a ton of info from reading and will use a lot of your ideas in my diet…thanks for taking the time to write articles like that to help fat sloopy strength athletes like myself…it is much appreciated…big martin

thanks to everyone else your support has got me really motivated and excited believe it or no to start my diet tuesday and work extra hard…thanks a lot …big martin

I can feel you on the teaching/getting sick deal. I recently started teaching, and as soon as the weather went south all of my kids got sick. Lots of exposure there, which really sucks.

As for your cutting, I have no doubt you’ll pull it off well. You train intelligently and are disciplined.