Fat and Weak Log

Hey guys… I’m a long time lurker. I’ve decided to start posting and make a log.

Today - legs & shoulders & Grip & neck

Squats ascending sets of 5 - worked up to 255 x 5 - (first time squatting in a little over a year… felt good! I have two herniated discs in my lower back. I wrestled for seven years but stopped because of the discs… more on this later probably… If anyone has any rehab advice or lower back strength in general hit me up :slight_smile: )

rear elevated split squats - bodyweight sets of 5 with pretty much no rest beteeen sets

seated arnold press - worked up to the 90’s for 5

standing lateral raises - worked up to the 50’s for 10 - didn’t quite get the full range of motion on the last few sets.

lying incline bench front raises - a bunch of sets of 10 - did the 40’s for the heaviest sets

hip thrusters - bodyweight 5 x 10

lying incline bench rear delt swings - did a bunch of sets of 10 with the 40’s & some sets of 20 with the 30’s

front squat shrugs 1 x 10 with 135 (just wanted to try em)

3 sets of dumbell shrugs with the 100’s (first set single arm - huge stretch and slow 10 reps- second set 10 reps both traps at the same time going really slow and getting a huge squeeze - third set 50 reps a little on the fast side but no body english - really little rest between sets)

sledge hammer curls with the 8lb sledge - did a bunch of sets, went all the way to the end of the handle

plate pinch with two 35lbers - both hands, held it for like a minute

CoC grippers - did a bunch of sets with the 1 & 2… almost fully closed the #3 with both hands

did a bunch of sets of 10 the ‘expand your hands’ bands

did a 100 rep set of seated lateral raises with the 10’s… trying to feel the medial delt

did 5 x 5 unilateral hip thrusts on a bench

Did isometric reverse hyper hold at the top with 50 lbs… held it for a damn long time did 3 sets.

did a 100 rep set of neck extensions with the harness and 50 reps of ‘head curls’ (lol i don’t know the name) with my a 10 lb plate with my head hanging off the bench

did 50 reps with 10ber’s wrist curls and 50 reps reverse wrist curls

did 20 calf raises with a 60 lbs dumbell - extremely big range of motion and a very long pause at the bottom.

PS: I’m thinking about getting plastic surgery to get rid of my cauliflower ear. Opinions?


Back & Triceps

meadow rows 5 x 10 light weight - huge stretch in lats

close grip bench
135 x 15
155 x 12
185 x 9
205 x 6
225 x 3
felt light as a motherfucker

one arm rows - pretty damn strict form 115 lber x 30 reps 1 set each arm. thought itd be harder.

rolling triceps extensions did 3 sets worked up to the 70lbers for ten reps

Tbar rows 5 x 10 - light weight huge stretch held the contraction

over head triceps extensions w/ ez curl bar. did 5 sets of 15 reps with 65 lbs - really short rests between sets got some blood in the tris

deadlifts 5 x 5 235 extremely explosive - felt really light and no back pain at all. my back is feeling incredible

a fuckload of plank variations

many sets and reps on the reverse hyper - started to hallucinate a little bit haha. I’m getting an awesome range of motion in my left leg back from doing the ol’ r hypers. feels great.

I lay on the inversion table for about 30 minutes after the workout. felt great.

Chest and Bi’s today.

1/11/12 Chest and Bi’s

Incline bench

225 x 2 x 5
205 x 4 x 5
felt out of the groove

ez bar curls wider grip
105 x 6 x 5

DB bench supersets with seated alternate curls - extremely little rest - (light weight - had to do this was going to go heavy but had plans with friends)

3 x 10 (70 lbers db bench 30 lbs for the curls)

Incline db flys 30 lbs 3 x 8 (really light got huge strech and contraction)

inside grip Ez bar curls 105 x 3 x 8 (was surprisingly easy)

Legs & shoulders

3x10 135
1x2 185
1x5 235
1x2 305
1x5 135

third time squatting after taking 1.5 yrs off squats due to some very herniated discs. I went a bit high but I’m happy with my progress

paused seated arnold press

40’s x 20
70’s x 5
90’s x 3.5 (I wasted a ton of energy getting them to my shoulders… I definitely had 5 in me lollerskates)
70’s x 5
70’s x 5

Hip thrusts (first time doing them weighted, used a barbell - I didn’t use the pussy pad or any kind of cushioning… it doesn’t hurt as much as you’d think

135 x 5
185 x 5
185 x 5
185 x 5
185 x 5

Barbell shrugs - double overhand grip no straps

135 x 10
225 x 10
295 x 10
345 x 5
395 x 5
480 x 5
435 x 3
345 x 10
345 x 10
295 x 10
225 x 20
135 x 50

rear foot elevates split squats

bodyweight x 5
40’s x 5
70’s x 5
bodyweight x 5
bodyweight x 5

single leg hip thrusts

1x5 bodyweight

rear delt flys variation on incline bench

5x20 10lbers

reverse hypers

50lbs x 20
140lbs x 20
230 lbs x 20
320 lbs x 20
50 lbs x 50

felt great. insane lower back pump. Not a lot of rest between sets.

did 1 set of planks, stretched my lower back, hips, and groin.

20 mins on the inversion table

my back gets a little better every day

ooo yeah I forgot

strict seated lateral raises

1 x 10 20lbers

1 x 10 30lbers

1x 10 20lbers

Back, tris, calves

Wider pronated grip, chest supported rows
1 plate x 20
2 plates x 10
3 plates x 5
4 plates 2 x 5
5 plates dropset - 3 reps, 4 plates - 3 reps, 3 plates - 3 reps, 2 plates - 6 reps, 1 plate - 9 reps

floor dead stop tricep extensions

3 x 8 105lbs
1 x 4 125 lbs/ x4 105lbs

Underhand grip lat pulldowns - emphasized the stretch at the top, really big range of motion and very controlled

stack 4x8

overhead tricep extensions

100lb db 2 x 8, 2 x 12

Stu pulldowns

4 x 8 went kind of heavy - but more for the feel - had a great mind muscle connection with my lats

pushdowns narrow v bar handle

stack x bunch of sets of 10

seated row

150 x 8

185 x 8

200 x 5

225 x 5

250 (sadly the whole stack) x 5

185 2 x 10


3 sets (who knows how much time lollerskates)

standing calf raise machine

5 x 10 standing calf raise machine (emphasized a huge strectch, very slow reps)

Weighed in at 251 lbs (been on a very slow cut since Thankstaking), starting to look kind of lean haha (not really lolcats). Some guys said I looked massive (which inflated my already huge ego). I shaved my forearms like 2 weeks ago and my douche bag friend asked me if I joined the swim team (I think he checks me out a little too much haha, I haven’t seen him in 4 weeks and he knows how much forearm hair I usually have 0_0 haha).

ooo yeah the seated rows are cable rows lol, don’t know why I called them seated rows

also finished of my worked with some very stict one arm rows, feeling the lat very well

110 lbs x 5
130 lbs 2 x 5


Chest, Biceps, Traps, Neck

Incline speed bench - bunch of singles and doubles of 235

Ez bar curls - wider grip
105lbs x 5
125lbs x 5
125lbs x 5
(felt pretty easy)

DB flat bench

100’s x 10
110’s x 5
100’s x 7
(left maybe 3-4 reps in the tank on these… kind of short rest periods)

very very slow barbell shrugs (no strapzzz of course lol)
135 x 10
225 x 10
315 x 5
365 x 5
315 x 5
225 x 10
135 x 10 (extra extra slow)

5x10 rope face pulls

4 way neck machine 4 x 10, 1 x 20 (went pretty heavy, my neck is gunna be sore)

cable curls and reverse cable curls superset

3 x 8

cable cross overs

4 x 10


Legs & Shoulders

Overhead press (standing, closegrip)

did a bunch of singles with 185lbs

Deadlifts - (double over hand grip 100% raw - no straps belt chalk ect)
worked up to 495lbs x 1. Felt really easy, My back is healing nicely and getting stronger. Considering about 9 months ago I was writhing on a bed in constant agony I’m pretty happy with where I’m at.

Paused Arnold press
60’s x 15-20
70’s x 3
80’s x 3
90’s x 1 (very different bench setup. Back home I do these on a high incline. This was very strict 90 degree bench so I’m happy with this number. Yes I’m weak as shit at pressing shit haha, hopefully eventually I’ll get strong at pushing shit long arms be damned)

Barbell Hip Thrusts with pause at top sans pussy pad (it really doesn’t hurt lol)

bar x 5
135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 5
315 x 5

Smith Machine seated shoulder press

1 pps x 5
1 + 25lber pps x 5
2 pps x 3 (I’m a pussy at pressin…)
1 pps x 10
1 pps x 10

Leg Press

bunch of sets of 20ish reps with 7pps (That’s all the machine can fit how geyz is that… I guess I’ll have to find a way to add more weight, There’s a space on top I could prolly cram weights on. First time doing leg press in about 6.5 years.)

Behind the back cable lateral raises

4 x 8

Wish I had more time but the gym closes at 11pm. Oh well, I was pretty happy with my lift. I wanted to do some pull throughs and GHR’s as well as maybe some back raises and planks as well as DB lateral raises but o well. (I say well a lot hehe)


Grip Workout

16 lbs sledge hammer
alot of volume - tons of levers and all kinds of fucked up grip shit with the hammer - shits starting to get light maybe Ill attach or weights to it or get a heavier hammer in a few months when shit feels like a feather

CoC grippers

worked up to some singles with the #3 - right hand is stronger at crushing - but left hand at pinching - wtf lollerskates

band finger extensions
shit ton of volume - many a set of 10 was performed

homemade ghetto ass pinching exercise

put a shit ton of rocks and stuff in a laundry bag, and put a thick book through the loops (the complete fiction of HP lovecraft actually hehe) and pinched the shit out of it.

Fuck ton of stretching - I’m getting more flexible yay!

Thinking about getting Gustave Dore’s rendition of Exodus 32 tattooed on my back. Overheard a guy laughing with his friends about how he abandoned his pregnant girlfriend - I hate men. I have an exam on symbolic logic today; wish me luck you motherfuckers :D.


Back - triceps - calves

Chest supported rows - wider pronated grip

Worked up to 3 reps with 6 plates - did a drop set from there all the way down to 1 plate for 10

Dammit pressed submit by mistake haha… anways

Triceps over head dumbell extension

worked up to the 130lber for like 5 reps (after doing a bunch of volume with the 100lber, sucks that the heaviest dbs in the gym are 130lbers)

Tbar rows with 25’s

I could only fit 7 25’s on the bar, so I paused at the top of each rep and did a shitload of volume of sets of 6 and short rest periods.

Skull crushers with straight bar

like 4 sets of 8 with 135lbs - pretty strict form

Seated cable rows

worked up to the stack (250lbs sucks I know) for six reps. Got a real full range of motion though and good contraction.

Pushdowns - normal bar wider grip

stack x 10 reps x like 4-5 sets

Pulldowns - wideee grip

stack x 3-4 sets x 5 reps (went slow as fuck got a huge stretch in those small ass back muscles beneath the rear delt that every stupid mofucah believes is the lat haha)

Stu rope pullovers

4-5 x 8-10 got an awesome stretch and contraction in the lats. Man I love this exercise. I’m so glad stu posted this shit.

Standing calf raises

5-6 sets, 400lbs really full range of motion and pause/stretch at top and bottom. 5-10 reps for set strectched the hammies between sets. felt great.

seated calf raises

5-6ish sets, 1 pps and 2pps, sets of 10 huge pause and range of motion again. Did these with with my toes pointed in, straight ahead, and out, really had a great mind muscle connection. My calves are still sore.

I think that was my whole workout. I also did a ton of stretching.

Weight after workout was a little over 240lbs which means pre-workout I was about 245lbs (I have a really good intuitive sense of how much water weight I loose during a workout; I wrestled for a long fucking time and my coach always made me weigh myself before and after practice.) I was a little over 270lbs at thankstaking so I’m happy with how my diet is going. I’ve only cheated twice (once on December 19th at 3:23am before a big exam. I had a chicken parm sub. The second time was a fat and protein meal consumed on January 15th - it consisted of a shitload of steak and cheese).

ooo yeah

I forgot I finished my workout with 2 sets of super strict one arm rows

1 set of 5 reps with the 100lber

and 1 set of 5 reps with 130lber

Chest, Biceps, Yoke - (Traps, Rear delts, Neck)

Incline bench

worked up to 275lbs x 1

EZ bar curls - really strict form

like four sets of 8 with 105lbs
a few sets of one rep with 155lbs - still really strict form hard contraction and really slow negative

Contortion/extreme stretching

DB bench

100’s x 10
110’s x 7 or 8

Pinwheel curls

70’s x 5
80’s x 5
90’s x 5

Barbell shrugs - really slow, 2-3 second hold at top, really hard contractions and big stretch
double overhand, no straps of course
135 x 10
225 x 10
315 x 5
405 x 5
315 x 5
225 x 8
135 x 10

Neck machine

5 x 10 all directions (forward, backward, and sidewise)
Neck measured in at 18 1/4-1/3 inches at the tailors a little over a month ago. I’m hoping that by directly training the sides and front of my neck I can get to 20 inches by the summer.

Cable Curls
3 x 8 (went pretty heavy, did the stack for the first four reps of my last set)

cable crossovers

4 x 10

Reverse Cable Curls
3 x 8

Face pulls
5 x 10

Weird rear delt cable exercise (felt awesome)
3 x 10

Here’s a progress pic I took on the 30th. I weigh about 246.5 lbs in this pic. Please excuse the gay-myspacesque nature of the pic.


Grip - (switched my cycle up because I got tattooed all day saturday)

16 lb sledge hammer
various holds and curl-type movments

hand band extensions

Bunch of reps and sets with CoC #2 gripper

Modified pinch grip device - bunch of holds with various amounts of weight


Unilateral Leg, Isolation Leg, flexibility and Body weight excercises

bunch of sets. worked up to a neutral grip pullup with 70 lbs.

bunch of sets and reps. worked up to 3 reps with 90lbs.

shitload of weird pushups variations balancing on vertical 5lb dumbbells

Bulgarian split squats with a kettle bell held over head. bunch of sets of 3-5 reps each leg. also did a set of 5 with a pair of 70 lbs dbs.

single leg deadlifts
2 x 5 with 95lbs

45 degree hyperextension rows (Get on hyperextension and row the weight into the ribcage with really strict form and a strong contraction)
bunch of sets of 10 with 135 and 185.

I was feelin pretty wiped at this point. In the future I will add on 4 sets of legs extensions, leg curls, and lying leg curls.