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Fat and Stupid


Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son. Apparently there is now scientific linkage that when you are fat by default you really are also stupid.



My dad is 60 and has been showing obvious signs of mental decline for several years now. He's a physics Ph.D but struggles badly with anything that he hasn't had years to reherse.

edit: yes, he's fat


Interesting article.



Damn....rolls equal stupidity.

It looks like fat people can no longer get on drug users for killing brain cells. Those Hostess Cupcakes do the same damn thing. Oops.


I can hear Kate Harding pounding her keyboard already....

PS: I just checked her website to see if she or one of her stupid cronies have written up on it, and I am shaking with something very akin to hatred. I don't know what it is about the women over there, but I honestly feel something beyond disgust and closer to all-out rage when I read anything they write. Anyone else feel this way?


MMMMMM, hostess cupcakes!!! nom nom nom


Many of the very obese won't live long enough to experience mental decline anyhow.


But aren't alot of us also classed as "obese"?

Shit... I'm 225 pounds...

But hey, now I do have an excuse to wear a helmet all day!


Isn't that the lady that wrote that being fat is healthy and prevents type 2 diabete?


Not sure if anyone else pointed this out... but you do realize that I would hope most people on this site are "obese". I for one, am 5'9 lets say, and weigh 218-225 pounds. Doesn't that render me.. obese and and brainless?


I think it's a correlative relationship rather than a causative one. It isn't the presence of fat around your midsection that harms your brain, it's the insulin which makes you fat and the resulting inflammation that does the damage. That's my line of inference for what it's worth.


They didn't explicitly state what their methods were for determining obese, but since they did reference lean people vs obese, its seem unlikely they were using a bunch of bodybuilders in their study. Or maybe there is something to that whole meathead thing :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I don't know enough about human physiology to offer an opinion worth a dam, and I think you were right on the correlative rather than causative front, but I would hazard a guess more along the lines that there are large numbers of stupid, fat people.

Perhaps because of their stupidity, they got fat. That is not to say all fat people are stupid or that the reverse is true.


Another good congecture. I don't know too many smart people who are fat.

And when I say fat, I mean sloth fat, not strength athlete fat.


There would be a lot less misinformation if the popular media would know what a correlation actually means, which is squat.

There are hundreds of possible explanations for the correlation between brain size and obesity. If there actually is a factual relationship between the two, that is. Even that is debatable. Could be an underlying variable like a bad diet or a lack of exercise, could be education, could be coincidence.


I loved Animal House and that is one of the best lines ever...

Now- the article never says that fat=stupid. It does say that there is brain degeneration, but that does not necessarily = performance declines- just that there is a difference in the anatomical structure. Whether that percentage change or the actual advanced aging = performance decrements is something that awaits further testing.