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Fat and Powerful (5/3/1 Strongman Training)

First time training 5/3/1 and first time posting a training log, gonna be running this program for a few months, heard alot of good things about it so im excited to see how well it works. Any sprt of feedback or advice would be appreciated, since this is my first log on this site.

Weight- 206lbs
Height- 6’
Age- 22

Bench: 320lbsx1
Overhead(Strict): 175lbsx1
Squat: 420lbsx1
Deadlift(Conv.): 530lbsx1

Monday(11/6) Day 1(Overhead)
TM: 157lbs

Overhead Press 3x5,5,5(105lbs,120lbs,135lbs)
Dip 5x15(Bodyweight)
Chins 5x10(Bodyweight)


-Overhead press is my weakest lift, so im looking forward to see some improvement in this lift. Felt good today, form was on point and every rep was smooth as butter.
-Probably gonna add 5-10lbs to the dips/chins, as bodyweight felt a little to easy.


Tuesday(11/7) Day 2(Deadlift)
TM: 477lbs

Deadlift(Conv.) 3x5,5,5(315lbs,360lbs,405lbs)
GoodMornings 5x12(135lbs)
Hanging Leg Raises 5x15(Bodyweight)


-Deadlifts were good, did not have belt or chalk today so 5 reps is what i was able to do beltless double overhand(no hookgrip cause am huge baby)
-Adding 5-10lbs to the Goodmornings
-Work on controlled decent of leg raises


Big weights being thrown around over here!

quotes-1 thank you! This helps keep me humble and motivated haha


Wednesday(11/8) Day 3(Rest Day)

Had a little bit of an active rest day today, just 30min walk on the treadmill with a slight incline followed by 30min of stretching and mobility work.

Thursday(11/9) Day 4(Bench Day)
TM: 288lbs

Bench Press 3x5,5,8(185lbs, 215lbs, 245lbs)
Dumbell Bench 5x15(60lbs)
Dumbell Row 5x10(100lbs)
Super Set
Cable Curls 3x8,6,8(125lbs, 140lbs, 125lbs)
Cable Pushdowns 3x8,6,8(140lbs, 155lbs, 140lbs)


-Super stoked about being able to get 8 reps on my last set of bench. Was a little worried because i had not trained bench directly in about 3 months, but it looks like everything is still there.
-Made a slight change to my technique, Brought my grip in closer by 1 finger(Used to have middle on last ring, now have ring finger there). Made a huge difference for me, felt stronger.
-Weight for accessories was appropriate, will stick with them for upcoming weeks.
-May fuck around a bit and alternate dumbell bench, and incline dumbell, every week see how it feels.
-Added a superset of arm work at the end cause i have noodle arms and want to fix that.


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Friday(11/10) Day 5(Squat Day)
TM: 378lbs

Back Squat 3x5,5,5(245lbs, 285lbs, 320lbs)
Leg Press 5x15(436lbs)
Leg Curl(Seated) 5x10(150lbs)
Cable Crunches 3x15(200lbs)


-Got only 5hrs of sleep last night, so squats were rough today. Thankfully i was able to get 5 solid reps on my last set without any grind
-Had absolutely no idea how much weight i should do for the leg press, played around a bit till I hit 436lbs and stuck with it, may go up next week.
-Gonna Stick with the same weight for the leg curls
-Get more sleep before next squat session #majorkey


-Did not do any sort of training this weekend as I was away for a friends birthday celebration
-For the future, the plan for the weekend is to do between 1-2 hours of conditioning(Prowler, Swings, Sprints) along with foam rolling and mobility work
-Due to the excessive amount of binge drinking done this weekend, todays workout will be rough. But I got 9hrs of sleep last night and was able to eat plenty during the weekend so hopefully it wont be to depressing.

Weight- 208lbs

Monday(11/13) Day 1(Overhead Day)
TM: 157lbs

Overhead Press 3x5,5,6(115lbs,125lbs, 140lbs)
Dips 5x15(BW)
Chin-ups 5x10(BW)
Super Set
Barbell Curls 3x8(95lbs)
French Press 3x8(75lbs)


-Actually did better in the overhead press this week than i did last week, despite going on a bender this weekend, so that was fucking sick
-However, this sapped alot of my energy so instead of going up a few pounds on the dips/chins i just kept it bodyweight. Will actually increase next week.
-Added a superset of arm work at the end, took 8 minutes so it wasnt crazy.
-Avoid weekend binge drinking from here on out

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Tuesday(11/14) Day 2(Deadlift)
TM: 477lbs

Deadlift(Conv.) 3x3,3,3(335lbs,385lbs,430lbs)
GoodMornings 5x12(145lbs)
Hanging Leg Raises 5x15(Bodyweight)


-Lever on my belt broke so all deadlifts were performed beltless/double overhand. Still all reps felt solid and form/technique was on point
-Added 10lbs to this weeks goodmornings and it still felt a little too easy, gonna add another 10lbs for next week and see what that is like
-Was able to perform a 10 5second eccentric reps for each set of the leg raises, then did the other 5 reps for a 2second eccentric

Wednesday(11/15) Day 3(Rest Day)

-Did 30 rep KB swings(45lbs) with foam rolling lowerbody in-between sets for 5 rounds
-Walked on a slight incline for 20min
-Ended with 10min of foam rolling upperbody

Super impressive weight dude! Just curious, are you doing the + sets or are you just doing 5, 3, and 1 for their respective weeks?

Really looking forward to seeing how your bulk goes. Good luck homie

Thank you, man! appreciate it.

To answer your question, I have been doing the + set on the last set of each compound lift. In the sense that i do as many reps as possible, leaving 1-2 in the tank. So far, the deadlift and squat have stayed within the 5/3/1 range, but my bench and overhead have exceeded those numbers.

Before I started this program i was working on hypertrophy/conditioning for 3 months, in which i had not worked the back squat or deadlift directly. My hope is that as I progress in 5/3/1 the + sets will start looking more like + sets haha

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It seems you are running a solid version of 5/3/1 and that’s why I am following. I’m pretty new to all of this so I am asking out of ignorance, not questioning your program. Do you think your TM for the squat and dead lift may have been too high and that is why you’re not hitting the + reps in those lifts?

One of the reasons im posting this log is for people to question my program haha, I dont know everything so people pointing out my mistakes is the best way to learn. So feel free to question me throughout this log…

To Answer your question, It is entirely possible. I tested those maxes in the middle of the summer and like I said, i have been training hypertrophy/conditioning the past 3 months with no direct squat/deadlift training. My mindset going into it is that as long as I hit those 5/3/1 reps and continues to progress and hit those reps as my training max increases than i am not overreaching.

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Thursday(11/16) Day 4(Bench Day)
TM: 288lbs

Bench Press 3x3,3,6(200lbs, 230lbs, 260lbs)
Incline Dumbell Bench 5x15(50lbs)
Pendlay Row 5x10(185lbs)
Super Set
Cable Curls 3x8(125lbs)
Cable Tricep Extensions(Supinated) 3x10(125lbs)


-Another solid Bench Day in the books, used the same grip width as last week and it had the same effect. Gonna stick with it for the remainder of this program
-Kept the same set/rep scheme, but decided to bring in some new accessory lifts today with the incline(opposed to flat) and the Pendlay Row(opposed to dumbbell)
-Reason being is that I feel like I can get more out of the incline dumbbell as it will transfer over to the overhead press as well
-In regards to the pendlay row, my gym only has dumbells that go up to 100lbs which is 2 ez. Also again for a better carryover to the bench+shoulder health. Grip on these is same as my bench grip.

Friday(11/17) Day 5(Squat Day)
TM: 378lbs

Back Squat 3x3,3,5(265lbs, 300lbs, 340lbs)
Leg Press 5x15(458lbs)
Leg Curl(Seated) 5x10(150lbs)
Ab rollouts 3x8(BW)


-Great Squat Day today, getting 5 reps on my final set, fixed my technique a bit by making sure to keep my chest up during the entire lift. Made a huge difference.
-Also tweaked my initial setup, brought my hands in closer and made my stance a little wider and felt more comfortable with my squat after doing so
-Added about 20lbs to my leg press, gonna stick with this weight for next week
-Opted for ab rollouts this week as opposed to the crunches, better strength movement


Saturday(11/18) Day 6(Active Rest)

-20min of walking on a steep incline
-4 rounds of kb swings(45lbs) mixed with battle rope
*40 swings, 15sec rope, 10sec rest
*30 swings, 15sec rope, 10sec rest
*20 swings, 15sec rope, 10sec rest
*10 swings, 15sec rope, 10sec rest
-10min of foam rolling whole body

Weight- 210lbs

Monday(11/20) Day 1(Overhead Day)
TM: 157lbs

Overhead Press 3x5,3,5(120lbs,135lbs, 150lbs)
Dips 5x15(BW+10lbs)
Chin-ups 5x10(BW+10lbs)
Super Set
Preacher Curls 3x6(95lbs)
JM Press 3x6(115lbs)


-Was able to get a 5 solid reps for my 1+ set and it felt fucking great, definitely happy with the progress im making on my overhead even after a short 3 weeks.
-Side note, switched to suicide grip for the overhead and it felt alot better, was able to keep my elbows from flaring too early
-Actually added 10lbs to the dips and chins, gonna stick with this for my next cycle
-Attempted the JM press for the first time in my life today, kept it relatively light at 115lbs, will be using this exercise more in my upcoming cycles.
-My weight is steadily increasing by about 2lbs every week, gonna try to keep this up until i get to 230lbs, Then hibernate for the rest of winter.