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Fat and Muscle?


I am 6' and 191lbs, i am kind of flabby in the belly and a little in the neck, nothing major. But i was wondering since i don't really want to lose weight i want to maintain, actually i don't even care if i get heavier if its muscle. Do i maintain a steady flow of calories and continue lifting or do i cut the calories to shrink that fat and build up the muscle?


I'm in a similar situation - 'bout 5'10", 200 lbs when I started training again 3 weeks ago. I'm up to 207 now, and I already look and feel leaner.

I've also been taking Carbolin 19, and have been maintaining a diet of plenty protein, organic raw milk, and some supplimental protein shakes here and there, but all in all, have tried to avoid high carb meals (pizza, pasta, etc.). I'm hoping that my progress continues, because if it does, I'll eventually get to be about as lean as I want while maintaing (or even gaining) body weight... this may take 6 mos or a year, but oh well, I'm not in a rush.

I think that by virture of simply getting more exersize and eating healthy, you'll probably lean up... but I think that also depends on your current lifestyle.


There are certainly ways to speed up fat loss but simply by working out you'll get a nice additive effect of gaining muscle(a lb. of muscle will burn on average ~35kcal/hr at rest) and by working out you'll spend a ton of calories. Perhaps throw in some cardio? Or diet better.