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Fat and I Want to Change That


16 y/o
30+ bf%

15%bf by mid summer of this year(?)
8%bf by march of next year(?)

If you looked at my stats you saw my problem. I'm fat, I'll admit I'm fat, everyone says thats the hardest part. I'm fat and I want to change that. Now I'm starting wrestling tomorrow, but I won't actually be wrestling because of a broken hand, but I'll be doing the cardio stuff. I need help with my diet. I used to think I new stuff about nutrition but I obviously don't know jack-shit. I'm going to try and see if the coach will let me lift while the team wrestles. If he lets me I'll be doing this:

Monday- Bi's/ Tris/ Forearms/ Abs
Tuesday- Shoulders/ Chest
Wendsday- Back/ Traps/ Abs
Thursday- Legs/ Calves
Friday- Abs/ Rest

All of the cardio is during the week and its built into the wrestling. These workouts have alot of volume to them so they are very taxing on me. I beleive with dedication and good dieting I will be in shape and at my goal in a year or so. If anyone is willing to help me out with the nutrition, please PM me, if you would like to give me motivation or tips, either post up here or PM me. Also could you let me know if those goals are reasonable or not.

Thanks so much and God bless,
Zeb Davis

P.S.- I wasn't always this fat. I used to be around 230 at 20%bf, I took some bad advice and bulked when I should've cut and I got really fat.


I wouldn't be doing tris before shoulder/chest day. (tris are used a lot in pressing movements, espec shoulder stuff)

maybe do something like

Rinse lather repeat (sometimes after shoulders/back day I'll take 2 days off depending on how fast I recover)

or you could do
bis/legs/calves/light ab work (@that weight you prob have monster calves though already lolz)

You could throw in some super sets with low rest times...to get you burning calories like a furnace.

Yet if you're thinking about wrestling. A proven upper/lower split like Westside For Skinny Bastards 3 is awesome. Add in some complexes on off days and do your cardio (maybe add a strongman day with sled drags, farmer walks etc etc.) . Given your nutrition is spot on. You'll lose weight fast.

I'd bump up protein to 1 or 1.5 grams times BW for starters. Ditch most of the carbs you're eating and replace with greens+good fats.

Only time you should be having real starchy stuff like rice/potatoes are after workouts. Complex carbs+protein in the morning (e..g oatmeal+protein powder or small sweet potato+whole eggs. (maybe eat a quick small meal and hit a quick brisk walk in the morning if you can)

Ditch any soda or real sugary crap. (if water tastes to "bland" at times for you, use crystal light or sugar free koolaid)

Drink green tea as much as you can or use green tea supplements.

Megadose some fish oil if you can.

Fruits:Avocados(awesome/loaded with goodness) Pears, Oranges, Apples, Blueberries, Pineapples are my favorites and rank on top of my list. (have a few pieces in the morning)

Vegetables:spinach(any greens darker the better),sweet potato, broccoli, tomatoes, zucchini/squash (just some staples in my diet)

Make casein+light tasting olive oil protein shakes your friend.

I like to buy cheap ground round beef and ground turkey and I cook and rinse off any excess fat. (just so it's real lean). Then I'll sautee some vegetables in olive oil (peppers, tomatoes etc. etc.) I'll add some Mrs. Dash or lots of pepper and Redmonds Real Seasalt. (awesome stuff!) (then add some raw almonds/walnuts and it becomes very filling)

Yet I'm sure you might be on a tight budget. So main thing will be buying the right foods and training right everything else is just secondary to this.

Throw yourself a cheat meal (have a favorite food of choice) once or twice a week. You could schedule these for when you go out on the weekend with friends or family and "treat" yourself to something. Just don't go overboard!

Hope the best for you guy.


Carlitosway, thanks for the info. No.Pain, I'm in about the same boat as you, and just wanted to say good luck.