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Fat and Happy People?



All one can do is shake their head and wonder “what the hell”!

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Man, that article really opened my eyes, I realise now that my efforts to better my self may be found offensive by people with “weight issues”.
I have been an uncaring bastard and it is time to end all of my self glorification. It is to weep.

But seriously, that was just another whiny article about how fat people should be happy and accept themselves the way they are. Fine. Be happy the way you are, but if you are truly happy that way then that feeling should supercede any harsh feelings directed towards you from people who think that 400+lbs is just wrong.

If other people’s opinions of you can make you cry, then you haven’t accepted anything, you are just trying to make everyone else accept you so you can feel happy vicariously through others forced acceptance of your little “ailment”.

I guess I may get a little too worked up over this, but I saw a lady this weekend who was so large she had to use an old person scooter to travel around on. It made me shudder to think people can let themselves get that way.

Anyways, each to their own I guess.


Does it seem like that article is contradictory?

“‘It’s gotten markedly worse in the last few years because of the propaganda that fatness, a natural human characteristic, is somehow a form of disease.’”

“Lindstrom said. ‘Juries are generally disgusted with your average size-related plaintiff. You have to get past that, and have them see the plaintiff as someone with a true medical problem.’”

Is it natural or is it a true medical problem?

The best part of the article is:
“Most fat-acceptance activists endorse the concept of eating healthy food and exercising regularly, but they oppose any fixation on losing weight and contend that more than 95 percent of diets fail.”

Diets may fail, but how many 400lb+ people eat healthy and exercise regularly?


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