Fat and Defeated, Help!

Echoing this a millionfold. We’re so conditioned to fear meat and eggs as a food and favor all sorts of just sheer insanity in it’s place. The notion that eating other animals would somehow be harmful to us as a species, when we’re APEX F**KING PREDATORS, is just asinine. Why would we be given the tools to thrive at the top of the food chain with a biology that self-destructs when we eat animals?

Ok everyone switched to Whole Foods and down 7 lbs in first week!!! I’m eating far more food too and not ever feeling hungry.


It is nothing short of miraculous what switching to a whole, unprocessed food diet does. Good luck!

This is a great point. Never heard it explained that way.

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Thanks! I can’t take credit for it. I think I heard it from Dr. Ken Berry. But it just totally opened things up for me. Same reason coconut/almond flour “keto baked goods” don’t really pass the sniff test.

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I inherited a love for nuts from my father. I could live off of them. But thinking back to when I was growing up, he always bought nuts shelled and cracked them himself. I always thought it was just because he was a self-described “country boy from Alabama.” Now I know there was more to it.

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Hell yeah, man!

There is so much to be said about a small barrier to entry. We can do this on our own. Whenever craving something snacky: go for a 10 minute walk. If you still want it, eat it, but odds are the feeling will have passed. And you’ll have a 10 minute walk done!


I love stuff like this. I tend to think about it as a “buy-in,” my brain doesn’t have to wrestle with the discipline of self-denial and head down a whole other path. It just turns everything into a balance sheet, as long as you don’t buy on credit.

In your example, I can buy the snack if I work the hours (take the walk). I also get other options that are already paid for - these would be like a diet soda or pure grilled chicken breast.

So much of this is just fitting the behaviors to your mindset, which will change over time, so these little techniques are really powerful.