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Fat and Cholsterol

Just want the forums views on this.

I have read many books on the biochemistry and function of fats in the body and have also read some work on cholesterol and how it is completely misunderstood. So much so that people actually consider saturated fat and cholesterol to be the same thing.

Dont get me wrong there was a time when i ran away from egg yolks but those days are long gone. It is complete myth that saturated fat causes heart disease, and that increased fat intake results in large deposits of cholesterol in arteries.

I still see articles on here now and again which say to replace with low fat alternatives etc or to back off the anabolic diet if you have a cholesterol problem.
Its in flex magazine etc also. No surprise there.

Its really frustrating to know most trainees are being lied to when it comes to diet, one of the most important things in their success.

What have you guys read on the matter and what are your opinions?

my opinion is that the low-fat preaching has been wrong since the 70’s when it was introduced

instead of low-fat it should be low carb, so many people in western society are sedentary (such as their jobs demanding it) that they don’t need nearly as many carbs as they believe