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Fat and Bulk (Dead Pool Update)

Just a little disappointed, guys…I’ve always liked a certain National Level bodybuilder, because I always thought he was a straight shooter. Didn’t agree with his philosophy of putting on 100 pounds of fat in order to gain muscle, but to each his own.

Well…looks like he’s gone to “The Dark Side”. He appears in the May MuscleMag in one of those Greg Kovac-ish “Special Reports” (you know the ones…do ANYTHING to put on mass in ANY form, say you did it with a certain supplement, and then put it all in a 6 page “Special Report”…)

Well…this particular bodybuilder is up to almost 300 pounds, has a 44 inch waist, looks like an out-of-shape Hobbitt, and is going to “challenge” this Company, and their best selling thermogenic, to see if it “really works.”

Of COURSE it will “work”; this particular bodybuilder has done this a million times (at the expense of his health, I think). But hey…a guys gotta pay the bills…

For the newbies and others…1) you DON’T have too put on truckloads of fat in order to gain muscle 2) You DON’T have to risk your health and have a particular supplement “save” you (geez…first Kovacs, now this guy I really liked…) and 3) be VERY wary of Supplement Hype and “Special Reports”.

Any thoughts?

Just spit out his name! Its not as if by not saying his name you arent a rat!

Lee Priest is doing what every other pro (including at one time, Arnold) does to pay the bills. He signed a supplement contract. This is why I really don’t like pro bodybuilding or the supplement business. They are both based on lies and the naiveté of the consumer. If these guys want to succeed, they pretty much have to sell out. Sad, but true.

He signed an endorsement deal with that company a while back. Gee, I wonder if the “challenge” will work? The sad part is some newbies will actually be impressed when he loses the weight and go and buy this overhyped crap, not knowing that he does this every year and uses a bucket of other drugs to do it.

I agree it's sad and deceitful, but he's gotta survive. I know it's a marketing scam, but I believe in the saying "let the byer beware". Supplements are expensive and like any investment you need to do a little research before buying a product. Besides, It's not like this company sells totally bogus products. While the claims they'll make about the results achieved with their products are bullshit, they will still give good results for an individual who knows what he's doing in the gym and with his nutrition. They're not doing anything any other supplement company's not doing.(with the exception of biotest) They all make wild claims. The best you can hope for is that the products they put out at least meet the label claims on the packaging.


You cant be lean and gain muscle at the same time! The more you eat the more you grow!

Look at strippers/ Models. yes they lift weights, yes they do juice. But their phisqyes dont go nowwhere! Sure they got quite a bit of muscle after training/juicng but they quickly hit a plateau and are still there.

Guys who gain lots of fat come better and bigger. Dorian Yates, lee priest and others, are good examples. Sure they are slobs in the offeason. But what is your goal, MAX muscle size or look good on a beach (and dont put on much muscle).

Me, its max muscle all the way. Goal of bodybuilding is growing, not dieting!!!

Wait a minute…YOUR goal of bodybuilding may be max muscle and looking like a slob “off-season”…but mine is not. My goal is to sculpt an esthetically pleasing physique for the whole year.

And this all relates to fat gain…yes…I totally agree with Chris Shugart in “The Diet Manifesto” that SOME fat has to be gained to put on muscle, but as many people brought out on this site in the thread “Maintaining Body Fat Percentages”, you DON’T have to put on 50 to 100 pounds of heart straining, artery clogging lard to do it. It takes work, planning and careful monitoring, but it can be done…IF you’re not lazy and are willing to put in the work…

One last thing…I pointed out at the beginning of the thread that a guy’s gotta make a living…so more power to Lee. Just don’t come off in anymore articles as the “true blue, straight shooter” who “tells it like it is”…

Just a warning. I heard that supplement company has filed suit against some message boards and are demanding to know the personal info of those who post there so they can sue them for saying they suck. True story. Beware. They can’t win these lawsuits because of freedom of speech but they can cost you thousands of dollars to fight. For this reason, I’ll never buy their supplements again.

Okay…it’s my understanding that this past weekend, Priest came in second in the Ironman Pro Invitational. So… he has done the bloating and ripping thing even as the new ads are coming out with his “challenge”. (Like I said…of course this company’s thermogeninc was going to “work”…it was pre-destined to do so)…oh well…