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fat amount

hey, i’m trying to figure out the t-dawg 2.0 calculations. maybey i’m a moron but my calculations for fat intake are close to 300grams. i weigh 290 lbs. is this right. if so, holy shit.

Darren, run the numbers for me, and I’ll take a look at them. If you have a rough idea of your BF%, go ahead and list that too.

It’s only a hassle in the beginning, trying to figure out all the details. It gets easier, I promise. And it’s a heck of an effective diet. I think you’ll like it and the results that you get.

i weigh 290 (but don’t have bwt%right now), x that by 15= 4350cal. drop 500= 3850 cals. i think this is where i get lost cause i figure i need 1.5 grms/lb=435gr of protein(1740cal). plus 100grms of carbs(400cal,which i guess i made a mistake, today it figures to be 190 grams of fat(1710cal). is this right, the calories add up but the fat still seems too high but i know that there is almost no carbs.

Okay. That helps. First off, I’m going to recommend that you do T-Dawg the way it was recommended. Don’t deduct the 500 calories from your maintenance until AFTER the first week. You need to start keeping a food log and kind of settle into things and work out the kinks.

The reason I asked your BF% – and it’s not necessary that you post it on the forum – is that if your BF% is high, it would probably be better if you multiplied that number 15 times your lean body mass (LBM). Total Weight (TW) minus Fat Mass (FM) equals LBM. You can’t get your LBM unless you get your BF tested, hopefully by someone who has quite a bit of experience doing it.

I know. I figured a work-around. Use your fighting weight, the weight where you feel you would be fit and trim and healthy; i.e., your goal weight. Not your “good enough” weight, but your fighting weight. Use that number and multiply it by 15. Calculate your protein requirements off of that same weight. I checked your numbers and you ran them correctly. The number left over, yes, is the number of calories of fat you need to add to your diet. For fat, don’t be afraid of the fat you would get in a steak or eggs. But be sure to add in what we call “your good fat” i.e., flaxseed oil and high dose fish oil.

If you have a high BF%, you’re going to have no trouble dropping weight and losing fat if you run the numbers the way I recommend. Myself, I have to diet at a multiple of 13 (not 15) times LBM. I have an extremely slow and stubborn metabolism. All I’m saying, Darren, is that the multiple 15 and the calculations you run are only a starting point. You may have to make some adjustments along the way.

I hope that helps. If there’s anything that needs clarifying, don’t hesitate to ask. It’s good to have you aboard, Darren!!!

thanks alot, i’m going to try this in the morning.