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Fat Adaption


Is fat adaption all or nothing? For example in a standard P+C only in the morning around workout and then P+F all day. Aren't you burning fat all the evening? Or no? Could you manipulate it so that if basically all the carbs you ingest are PWO then they all go into glycogen stores so really the rest of the day you aren't burning carbs? Or is this a silly idea?

Also, can one really be "protein adapted" if protein is the most abundant macro in your diet? I thought a high protein diet would be protein sparing...


I think that one can be protein adapted, which is why high protein low carb low fat diets are not recommended i thought there might have been a case of serious damage being done once due to heart muscle being digested. Could just be pulling that out of my ass though. Honestly not sure for the rest of it.


Hey, Sarah. Should I take it that you are again considering the Anabolic/Metabolic Diet? Regardless, fat adaptation is, more or less, all or nothing. And the process of becoming fat adapted can be a bit stressful (something I know you know a little about).

As far as whether one can be protein adapted, the answer is yes. From my own experience, I can say that I have been protein adapted before. EXTREME fatigue, odd weight fluctuations, and rapidly atrophying muscles when I cut workout frequency (which I inevitably have to do due to poor recovery).

You ask good questions, Sarah... and you also tend to get fantastic answers. Consider a two week trial run of the advice that you are given. Yes, it may be difficult, and YES, you may experience some unpleasant body comp fluctuations... but they are all TEMPORARY. I assure you. I've been through it myself.

Goodluck and keep it up.


Yeah, I'm toying with the idea. I just don't think I can give up the veggies though. But I don't know. Decisiveness is not one of my strengths....


Yes fat adaptation is all or nothing and yes while adapted post workout carbs will store as glycogen primarily.

Also yes protein adaptation is possible and bad. The body has the paradoxical habit of freely using whatever it feels it has enough and especially the most of. In other words get protein adapted and you will see the exact opposite of protein sparing. Your body will play fast and loose with it's own lean tissue because you've trained it to be efficient at converting aminos to essential energy which means it will hold on to fat and burn muscle and organ tissue, probably in that order when not presented with dietary calories.


Hmm. What can people suggest for me if I am not willing to cut back my veggie carbs. I would like my body to learn to burn fat, but I cannot get below 30 g. and stay feeling happy. This is what I want to be allowed to eat every day for carbs:


2 big romaine salads (16g. non-fiber carbs)
6 servings other green veggies (about 20g. non-fiber carbs)
2 cucumbers (10g. non-fiber carbs)
1 bag iceberg salad (10g. non-fiber carbs)
2-3 servings protein powder (8-10g. carbs)
.5 cups onions (9g. carbs)

I would also LIKE:

1-2 servings berries (12g. carbs)
peice of gum or two (4g. carbs)
1 scoop Surge PWO (15g. carbs)
low carb yogurt (4g. carbs)
an occassional treat (maybe 1-2 times a week have a little 100 cal bar with 15g. carbs)

Could anyone maybe give me an idea if there is a diet that could work with these foods included and still have me gain clean weight and not be protein adapted. I think probably some sort of carb cycling is the best way, but I guess that will not have me fat adapted. :frowning:

If anyone could sketch out a 7 day plan macro breakdown and cal breakdown (should I cycle cals too if the macros cycle) that would work well?


I just want to say that if indeed you are measuring those vegetable amounts properly...then, one from vegetable fiend to another, bravo! And here I thought my 4lbs of brocolli per day was impressive.

I will say this - while veggies are great, if you're trying to follow an extreme diet for optimal body composition changes, you are just gonna have to "man-up" and eat the amounts which are allowed. Even following the AD, this should allow for enough veggies for health. You're just gonna have to curtail your desire to eat more than is allowed.


Actually, I should clarify.

I stopped the AD since I didn't want to worry about spurious carbs. I want to do a carb cycling/timing approach.

What I am wondering is if these veggies etc in the evenings are impeding my goals? I just didn't realize how much they added up - after going off the AD I went with the attitude that it's VEGGIES for goodness sake, I can eat as many as I want. But man, adding them up this week was a little shocking and makes me wonder if it is the reason I have not gained as cleanly as I would like. I have gained 8 lbs, but I have put 1 inch on my stomach! So I must not be doing it right.

If it is necessary for my goals I can give some up.