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Fat Acceptance


^^^ Need to rewatch that. Haven't seen it in a few years and I'd probably get more out of it now.


Haters gonna hate.


anonym....i hate you


^I'm out of the loop....but why do people do things like that? I mean...like ever? She was just sitting in the house and the idea popped in her head that the world needed to see her sing a Kanye West song?

I don't understand...and the confusion is making my head hurt.


We should make soap and lamp shades out of fat people, that way they won't pollute this earth anymore.


...and why the whole damn song? Was she trying out for American Idol? Was she showing off her new hair do? WHY? What's scary are the 68 year old men emailing her back.


Yeah, sorry I put you through it.

Didn't realize she butchered the lyrics that badly.


That thing she does with her mouth at 00:06 makes me want to puke.


She's just lubricating her pierced tongue.


Gotta appreciate her confidence at least....


LMAO @ 1.33 : "I wanna be your bitch I'm ready for infection - cough, cough"


ummmm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cgbZqR2AGI&feature=channel_video_title


Lol, if you don't then cool....


Anyone willing to put themselves singing online for the world to see has balls...whether its good or bad singing to us, there are people who won't sing in front of 2 or 3 people out of. Fear of being judged....

I don't like the song or her the way she sings it...I can dig the effort.


Balls????mmmmmm maybe or maybe she is just batshitcrazy. Either way I just thought it was a funny response. hahahahah


A lot of times, I don't think it's ballsy so much as it is delusional.

And, yes, gotta admire that effort. That's probably the most cardio she's gotten in all... of this millenium.


I can dig effort too, I can appreciate it when it's there and acknowledge when it's made, but if you're going to record yourself singing and upload the clip to the internet without learning the lyrics, the performance isn't quite as polished as it could be. To put it mildly.



I just listened again....wtf? Lol



She got so winded during the video hahaha


C'mon man, I don't need to see that...I've already seen Return of the Jedi about 30 times.


Get enough hits and you can make money or become a 1 week youtube sensation like a bunch of other "diffrent" people have done. I'm not sure why but a lot of people have a fascination for watching these kinds of things.