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Fat Acceptance


figured some might like this



Check out the comments, as expected it looks pretty heated


I still say get rid of every fast food joints and the pros outweigh the cons. However, far from possible.


Why would we want to get rid of all fast food because some people can't control themselves?

You could apply the same logic to damn near everything from over the counter pain meds to speed limits.

People who think the human race needs even more regulation for minor shit that is personal responsibility scare the shit out of me.



I don't even eat fast food, but fuck catering everything in society towards its most irresponsible members.

Also found that rant in the link unfunny and pointless. Yes, fat people exist. Deal with it. Is insulting and berating people really the best way to inspire a change in behaviour? Was that the point of that, or is that blog just an outlet for some arsehole's moral indignation?


X what happened in your avi? I havent seen you post in gal in a while and I've been wanting to ask since I first saw it. However never thought it was appropiate in forums like bbing.


I died.


Makes sense.


Fat acceptance is funny because we actually do accept fat people...we just don't think they're very sexy.


Eh....why not accept?

some obese folks are brilliant teachers...some thin ones are baby murderers..

Body comp doesn't mean anything about a person other than they eat dirty and don't move around a lot

Having visible abs or a 8 inch deep belly button..all I care about is the contribution to the community the individual makes


Yep, personal responsibility for the win.

Only babies and retards need micro management to protect them from consequences.




If someone is fine with being fat, then good for them. I just don't want these obese people causing healthcare prices to skyrocket because they have tons of health problems.


well...too bad

(totally with you btw)


As I said in my previous post, fat people are accpeted. We are allowed (I'm sort of fat) to go where other people go and do what they do (though of course there are times when people may unfairly judge someone based on their weight and preclude them from a job or promotion) but you can't start awareness groups that will somehow change people's taste and make people (other than chubby chasers) think fat people are just as sexy as someone leaner.

May as well start Santa Claus acceptance too and get people to think he's real...and attractive too.


What I dislike about this particular topics are the excuses like "You're naturally thin", "you got good genes/I got bad ones", "I don't have time", "I have this/that/etc."

Little respect if you are just putting excuses and you are not suffering from any medical condition that may lead you to being overweight.


Agreed. Too damn many laws and reulations as it is. I love my Taco Bell,ect. on occasion,and can enjoy it without wrecking my health.


Not sure if ya'll know this or not, but human beings SUCK. As a species we are inherently insecure, self centered, ungrateful, ignorant and self destructive. When you find people that don't fit all of those descriptions, hang on to 'em. They're hard to come by.


It's all about being held accountable for your acts and fat people want to avoid that and put the blame in anything else than themselves.