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Fat, A Smoker, and Out of Gym

I am 31 years old 250 lbs thats at least 50 lbs overweight according to my physician I am addicted to cigarettes. I am umuscular and flabby with bitch tits. I need to start caring about my health that is I need to buy a gym membership and change my lifestyle habits. I guess my fitness goal would be to transform my body into a lean, cut low body fat physique and get a v line and a ripped core. At this moment in just a piece of shit to myself. As far as nutritional science is concerned I work at a fast food resteruant which serves french fries, hot dogs and poutines aswell as cheese burgers. So most of my lunches are greasy meals. For breakfest im usually in a hurry so I pick up a breakfest at Mcdonalds. Things are really, really bad. What will I do about all of this? I dont know what to do except maybe take a chunk of cash and invest it in a gym membership, buy some extra sweat pants from walmart to train in and maybe try to find a copy of Tom Venutos Burn The Fat. Feed The Muscle.

Stop doing this

And this

Get some help to stop doing this.

Do this.

You already knew that though didn’t you? You just need to actually do it…





If you don’t truly believe you are worth it there is no sense throwing money away on a gym membership or even sweatpants from Wal-Mart.

If you did truly believe you are worth it you wouldn’t treat yourself like this.

Walking is free And one of the best, most effective things you can do for yourself at this point.

Go do that.


Fuck im a fat man haha what am i ordering in now… chinese food

man i really need to take responsibility for a lifestyle change. I dont even know what to do quitting smoking needs to happen and then this fat man needs to run but then ill weaze because my respiratory system is the object of self abuse then ill probably puke while i try running on the sidewalk.
If i buy a gym membershi it will cost me half my pay check butnit will be a investment

Then stop ordering take out or eating Macdonald’s for breakfast, that should easily cover a gym membership.

Seriously though, you should stop seeing your health as something you can buy.

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you don’t need to run. You shouldn’t run. You should do some walking. You should lift. And you should stop disparaging yourself with absolutely zero intentions to do anything differently, because coming on here and talking about how you need to stop and then ordering Chinese food while posting about it and further shitting on yourself is not helping.

Do you spend your days mining blood diamonds in Africa? What gym are you even talking about? You could join a Planet Fitness (gasp) for $10 a month. If there was nothing else around I could get a good workout there.

The whole “I suck and I’m fat” thing doesn’t do anything for you. Either ask for some legitimate help with a diet plan and exercise routine and make a commitment to stop eating like crap and not doing anything, or go back to your routine and come back here when you’re ready to stop. There’s a lot of help and knowledge to be gotten here, especially if you make a training log and spend time perusing others’ logs and asking questions. And I would love to see you do that. But nobody is going to help you or feel bad for you with your current attitude, buddy.


You dont know what obesity does to existing the counter momentum is heavy… yeah the chinese food it made me fatter. I only was a fat half creep when the hot asian women who delivered it showed up. She wasnt impressed. So um, i need to um fix myself. Walking is a option, managing my finances more responsibly and eating a lil healthier is also a option. Quitting smoking would really be something. Then i need to take my fitness goal to lose 50 lbs into wholesome consideration. Maybe a little light jogging anyways ill have to start somewhere and thats all up to me. I probably need a better attitude and put some effort into changing myself which doesnt feel simple or easy not to mention how long it takes to lose weight.

That’s what has me calling fucking troll. Dude included all of the good bait then followed up with that.

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I can see it being hard as a 40-something year old with heart problems who’s pushing themselves to eat better and exercise, to empathize with a 31 year old who still has plenty of time to turn things around, haha.

Yes I do.


Don’t be a creep, fat or otherwise. It achieves nothing.

Yep, pretty much.

grow a set of nuts and stop being a bitch or go sit down in your recliner with take out resting on your gut and get fatter with your chinese food . I have zero sympathy for ya , everyone has a choice and u just ordered chinese food.

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Negative: you need to want to make the change. You are REALLY good at making these topics: not great at deciding you want to change.

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I can understand his (if it were real) position to some extent.

The vast, or virtually all of the problems I’ve experienced were self created. I wasn’t force fed crap food or cigarettes. Or cigars.

Actually though, I like eating better and cardio way more than I’m usually willing to admit. The airdyne is my happy place.

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I think you genuinely have an addiction, man, and it’s not just to cigarettes. When you’re compelled to make a choice you know is bad for you, that’s addictive behavior. Your primary care doctor can prescribe you a nutritionist and potentially counseling, so that your insurance may pay for it. I’d really recommend you look into that.

You’re already starting to look for plan B (the gym is going to become too expensive for you to maintain); in my somewhat limited experience on earth, that’s the best way to ensure you don’t compete plan A.

So, anyway, if you’re unable to make the right choices one decision at a time (cooking dinner vs. ordering Chinese or going for a walk vs. asking for lifting advice on a bodybuilding site) at this point in time (its not forever), I’d really seek some help - assuming your really want a different outcome than you’re headed for right now.

I think these are actually key words to end up in an FBI database, you sociopath


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Like a massive heart attack.

While you’re sleeping.

This is actually my preferred way of dying… at least I wouldn’t know…

Uhhhhh… only you can know if you’re addicted to darts. If you go a day without how do you feel?

I don’t think he mentioned cardiac pathology, though chances are he does have more plaque built up than the avg person his age

Not when it happens, I guarantee that.

It’s not like in the movies where the guy clutches his chest and clunks over. It’s extremely painful (on my scale, and I’ve drank drano.) with profuse freezing sweat, complete bowel evacuation, intermittent consciousness,


And no clear time line. You don’t know that it’s over in 3 minutes or 3 hours.

And if you have any sense at all you will find a reason to live and literally hold on to it for dear life.

Just do loads of bodyweight moves and get a few light dumbells dirt cheap off criagslist etc. Do these and can cut down fast…

…aaand now no longer have excuses