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Hey guys and gals what about FOX’s new show Fastlane that comes on friday evenings. I admit that it is cheesy and the writing is sometimes god awful. But the plot, eye candy (read women and the men I suppose), as well as the cars get me fired up. Just my two cents.

I love this show. I agree that it can be cheesy at times but generally I like to watch it when I can. Sweet cars too.
:slight_smile: Groove

hahah…I have to admit this is one of my guilty pleasures, AND I WANT TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL T_MEN: TIFFANY AMBER THEISEN AND JAMIE PRESSLY MAKE-OUT ON THIS WEEKS SHOW. Dont know about you guys but, Ill have the old VCR fired up…granted I have seen chicks make out on a bunch of occasions, but nothing of this high of quality…woooooweeeeeee cant wait.