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Ok, well before i ask my question ill give a little in sight to help the answer along.Im 17 im 5'8 and 218 lb i got alot of muscle but i still have too much fat i have unhealthy addictions such as soda and other sugary snacks that im lookin to kick im tryin to train my body for function not looks.I'll be joining the navy soon and need to get inot the best hsape that i can and get rid of these bad eating habits....aannyywaaaayyy what i was wandering is if fasting would be a good option for cleaning my body of this crap and help curb cravings and addictions.



Read Vroom's Beginner's Thread.


That should give you some information on how to drop the weight.

Get your diet in order, not only will you lose the fat but you'll keep it off. Good luck!


I don't know about your sugary snacks addiction, but I used to drink a lot of soda. Now I can't stand it. I just started drinking a lot of propel which is like watered down kool-aid. Slowly started drinking more and more water... now I have no problems just sticking with water, and if you need something with a little flavor like I did. I would suggest the propel gatorade fitness water.


you'll be more likely to crash and burn if you "fast"
define what you mean by fast though.

I'm the same way about soda.. now the only thing i can drink is diet. I hate that sugary crap.


like going for 3-4 days let my body clean it self out give the digestive system a rest somthing along those lines not like a damn you know 30 day religious thing nothin like that



your body doesn't need cleaning. your digestive system doesn't need resting. hippies like to make up a shitload of shitty fucking bullshit.

you will lose weight in bootcamp. changing what you eat requires adherence to the super secret method known as "changing what you eat."


Oh, in that case...


My reasoning behind this is that after those 3 or 4 days, you'll be more inclined to go on an eating binge. You'll probably be at the same weight, or possibly a little heavier.

I'm not certain why you feel it's necessary to give the digestive system a break. I don't. Nor do I give my brain, heart, or lungs a break.

I fail to see your logic for fasting. However, you seem damn convinced that it's the best thing to do. If that's the case, get it over with and start eating clean afterwards.


oh no its just stuff i read hah if its useless and a bunch of bullshit its cool eat clean as in water fruits veggies and baked stuff?


so you want to 1) not consume as much soda and sugary food, and 2) get in shape for bootcamp?


Yeah, i have to be at 150 to even be allowed into boot camp im 215 :confused: like i said i got alot of muscle just still can loose some of this fat. Its like im not ripped but im not real fat you know?But yeah im going into the SEALS so i gotta get in shape.Its just kinda hard cause as im sure alot have experianced i havent had alot of lukc with diets....


Since when did you have to weigh 150 or less to be allowed into the program?
I've seen navy seal training camps on discovery or whatever channel, and I'm pretty sure every guy I saw on there was way over 150.

I'm 5'8 175, and I couldnt even think of wanting to weigh 25 lbs less heading into boot camp, not to mention 65 lbs less.

What the hell.

Anyway, to answer your question: No, fasting is the most horrible thing you can ever do. EVER. What you should do is definitly get rid of all your sugary crap foods, get your diet in order, and you will see much better results from that.


that's an odd rule. i weigh as much as you and im lean. i doubt they'd tell me to lose weight for SEAL training.

WRT diet, do more and eat less. dont do both heavily simultaneously. be consistent.

as a side note, meats and veggies are healthy, but are impractical as the whole of a diet. "bad" foods are not bad, they're just easy to consume a lot so you go overboard and get fat.


Is it that fasting regimen where you slowly fade out the different foods beginning with meat, then dairy, etc., drink loads of fruit juice for a few days and then fade in again, only following the reversed sequence? I tried it a few years ago and didn't notice a great difference in any regard. In your case, I'd rather clean up my diet in general.


no its not 150 for seals its that for boot camp/basic i got a guy next door who went in at a hefty 276 and they were like get down to 150 and get back to me it may just be because he was FAT FAT 275 I THINK IF YOU WERE MUSCULAR they wouldnt care i also beileve they go off the body fat % of your weight if ur over then they have you lose it......i think lol.... and no its fasting like nothin but water starting one day and ending ...whenever but alright guys thanks for the help :slightly_smiling: nice newbie friendly site...............ooohhh ya i know 150 is quite tiny but im looking for endurance stamina that kinda thing im not lookin to be able to pick up buildings i wanna scale them if that makes sense................excuse my poor grammar doin this in a hurry


Mmm...I am sure they must go by bodyfat %. Many of us would be dead at 150, basically having no essential fat. If you are muscular like you say, you will not be able to get down that low either without losing significant amounts of muscle. Which should not be a goal.


Fasting is great for slowing down your metabolism. The last thing you want to do to get lean.


Hey, I was in ROTC so I might be able to help..

There's a max allowable weight (for your height) ... At that height, it's probably around 180-190 lbs, but I'm not sure. (I'm 5'6" and it was 170 for me).

IF you go OVER MAW (max allowable weight), you're 'taped' -- they tape measure your waist, chest, and neck, and then using some assbackwards military method, figure out your 'body fat percentage.'
It's pretty bogus cos a cadet with me got in trouble because he was HYOOGE...but ya gotta play the game.


only when noobs start threads in the noob section and return. you did both.