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What do you guys think about fasting one day a week? It would seem like a good opportunity for your body to take care of business other than digestion, but what about catabolism? Would one day of doing this be very detrimental to maintaining LBM? Or would letting the body clean itself up (like the liver) allow you to even up or even make better gains?

What do you guys think?

We think you’re dumb and wish you’d go away like you promised to a long time ago, but…

If you had used the search engine, you’d have found a long piece written by John Berardi about fasting. Not that you’d listen him or anyone else.

But since I’m such a nice guy here’s the link anyway, you annoying, forum clogging, personality void.

It doesn’t matter for me. By noon I would be one cranky bitch. I’d probably go on a rampage and start eating babies.

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Berardi says that he can’t determine if there are physiological benefits of fasting based on the evidence given, yet he then goes on to say this:

Are there any muscle building or fat-loss benefits with healthy fasting?


Where did he suddenly get the conclusive evidence?

Neil i take it you saw the article in muscular development this month on fasting…now why dont you just see what they have to say…

What’s “muscular development”?

He came to that conclusion because he’s smart, did the research, then tried it himself to be sure. Maybe you should read more and post less, Neil?


I was once a “faster” during my boxing days. I did it via the “warrior Diet” eventhough it wasn’t an all day fast, because of the feast at night, I would say that somedays I fasted for well over 18 hours. During this time, I actually saw some great results in both physique and strength. Of course, none of it came until about two weeks into it. So, one day a week? I don’t think that will help any…more negative with that then positive in my opinion.


Actually, fasting is an interesting topic and I know it’s been discussed here before. I’m sure I talked enough about my digestive issues in my Colonoscopy thread last week, but I should point out the effects that the fasting had on my system. In short, not eating solid food for 2 solid days and subsisting on nothing but clear fluids and taking laxatives the day before and the morning of the procedure somehow seems to have had a positive effect on my digestion over the week since. I’ve had a noticeable decrease in diarrhea gas and generalized gastric distress.

For me this has led to a tremendous improvement in comfort and in fact, I have been able to eat more food than I could handle previously and have even gained almost 2 pounds, something I had a very difficult time doing before the procedure. I feel much better, am sleeping well, feel relaxed, acid problems have been reduced and I even feel stronger in the gym. However, fasting once per week would seem to be a little extreme to me and I would hope you wouldn’t take laxatives.

Mr. Reality,

He spent the majority of the article saying there wasn’t enough evidence to say. So why did he?

Since he’s smart and tried it himself, that meants that must be how it is for everyone else, right?

So since he’s smart, say he tried eating mostly carbs and didn’t get fat. This means that carbs are good for all of us, right? I mean, he’s smart and tried it, so that must make it true for all of us, right?

You ask for advice, someone points you to what one of the top diet guys says, and you reject it - of course. You made up your mind before you typed the question.

Fast all you want Neil. I suggest you fast for at least a year straight.

You’re too dumb to argue with anymore.


Fasting is great. Please do a food and water fast until you are too weak to type.



“You ask for advice, someone points you to what one of the top diet guys says, and you reject it - of course. You made up your mind before you typed the question.”

Uuuhhhh. I read it because I was interested in the info, but I found something wrong with the logic. So yes, I reject it after reading it and analyzing it. Duh

Hey Dan, I did one for four weeks. Still not too weak to type!

Neil, I have heard that fasting can actually increase a persons ability to pack on muscle. Can’t remember where so I can’t back it up but they made reference to our ancesters and how they didn’t eat six meals a day and that they developed so that when they did get their meals they would pack most of it on as muscle and some as fat for those longer fasts. Their bodies didn’t know where or when the next meal was coming from so after 1000’s of years they adapted this way. We may have adapted away from that a bit but I think the article said it still happens to some degree. They also made the point that wrestlers trying to make weight get into this state every week or two and also get the results of a more muscular physique. (shrug) never tried it so can’t tell you any more than that.

I would try it Neil and if it works for you then good. I think Berardi is a freak of nature myself and I’ve tried some of his ideas and they don’t work for me. I can’t eat nearly as many calories as he recommends despite the food partitioning without putting fat on my waist at an amazing rate. We’re all different. Try fasting. I’m with Jared though. I would go berserk by lunch time. I get down right dizzy if I go more than 3 or 4 hours without eating now.

JB is able to consume so many calories because he has been following the same eating plan for years, so his metablism is very “ramped up.” Try it for longer then a couple weeks, starting with the requirements for the Don’t Diet, and slowly up the calories. See if your body gets better at burning them, or if you get fat.

I did it for six months and my body has gotten more efficient over the last few years at burning the calories but not nearly as efficient as JB’s calculations suggest… nowhere near it. We’re all different.

Vegita, I would suspect that fat would have been preferentially stored, vs generated muscle. Besides, from an evolutionary standpoint, wouldn’t more muscle perhaps be much more detrimental to survival? I mean, fat is what you hope to have during periods of famine. The ones with lower bf were the ones the others were eating.