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Fasting with Big Meal in the Middle of the Day


Hey guys,

I've read about some diets which basically consist of fasting all day and then eating whatever you want at night.

I don't seem to remember the science (if there is any) behind them, but I've tweaked the diet and would like to see what you guys think.

Basically, instead of eating whatever I want at the end of the day, I eat a really big meal in the middle of the day. Around early/late afternoon. Been doing it a couple days a week. I feel that when I do this I have enough energy to get through the whole day, and it's not as hard for me to think to myself "I get to eat in 15 hours from now."

Just wondering if any of you have tried this and your intake on it.


Eating one meal a day is the same, no matter when you eat it.

Most recommendations center on eating more often that that.