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Fasting While Minimizing Catabolism?

I’m considering fasting for a week for non-bodybuilding related reasons. I’ve worked hard to get up to my current weight though, and while I don’t mind loosing some fat. I want to know how to minimize catabolism.

Any information would be appreciated!


Hibernate sleep the whole damn week :slight_smile:

are you willing to shovel in loads of BCAA’s thats would help, staying uber hydrated and I wouldnt be to darn active. Carbolin 19 maybe


I’m familiar with why people fast, nargoth16, and it’s not necessary to get the benefits you are wanting.

Eat at a slight caloric deficit. Consume no caffeine or alcohol or supplements (this does not include prescription medications!). Consume water and green tea. Eliminate soda from your diet. Consume organic fibrous green veggie carbs and organic fruit. Juice veggies if you like, but I’ve always felt removing the fiber from fruit removes some of the health benefits. Increasing fiber intake is part of cleansing.

Cut out any food group that is potentially allergenic. There’s a list if you do a search on the Internet – things like milk, eggs, soy, corn, wheat, shellfish, etc. Cut out all processed foods and starchy carbs. Do not do resistance training and cardio. Walking is okay, though.

Do consume grassfed meat and free range chicken/turkey.

If you limit your “modified” fast to a max of one week in duration, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits without losing any LBM.

OP where in Nevada do you live? And why do you want to fast? Religion?

What are the “benefits” of this, for those of us who aren’t familiar?

[quote]SeanT wrote:
OP where in Nevada do you live? And why do you want to fast? Religion?[/quote]

I’m in Reno. I’m at student at UNR.

Yeah, I’m having a personal conundrum and I think fasting would be good for me.

[quote]DPHH wrote:
What are the “benefits” of this, for those of us who aren’t familiar?[/quote]

There are lots of health reasons for fasting. I’m not considering doing it for those reasons though. Obviously it’s going to hurt my bulking progress if I go through with it.

DPHH, people fast for health benefits and to facilitate detoxification. It’s a concept very much at odds with the T-Nation approach to doing thing and with T-Nation’s emphasis on maximizing/protecting LBM. There are a variety of fasts done (juice, water only, vegetable broth, etc.), but even advocates of fasting will tell you that beyond a 2 or 3 day fast, that a doctor’s supervisions is recommended.

Ahaha, I’m in reno too. I want to try the american iron gym. Sports west is too lame.

Fast on Live green juices
Green powders,pills
and fasting TEA.

Its an amazing experience.

If you’re fasting with fresh fruit/vegetable juice for only one week, I highly doubt you’re going to lose muscle. If you do lose a little strength, you’ll easily gain it back in a couple days when you resume your normal bulking diet.