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Fasting While Bulking?


I just thought about this. If cheat meals during cutting help spur metabolism, would fasting once a week or every two weeks dampen the metabolism, allowing greater gains in the long run? I know it sounds silly, just a thought I'm curious about.


Short term fasting slightly increases metabolic rate, if you pulse amino acids during the fast (such as the pulse fast) then the 'slight' increase is much more significant. That factoid alone kind of screws with your theory :slight_smile:

There may be some benefit in depriving your body of protein during fasts (if I recall correctly, there was talk a while ago for a low-protein day during the week with the idea that it will make the other days have a greater protein usage; not sure the validity though). This method would not be better than just eating a lot every day though as you would get less time overall in an anabolic state.


Search for CT's article about control days, there is definitely logic to having lowered calorie days. Can't speak for 24 hour fasting because I haven't tried it.


I think they said you could build muscles + lose fat with Pulse Fast but after the fast you have to eat more than your usual bulking days.