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Fasting Prolongs Reproductive Life Span



Scientific dogma has long asserted that females are born with their entire lifetime's supply of eggs, and once they're gone, they're gone. New findings by researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, published online Aug. 27 in Science, suggest that in nematode worms, at least, this does not hold true.


Yeah, but have you ever tried to reproduce with a nematode worm? Damn near impossible!

Seriously though, I have been Intermittant Fasting for awhile and have never felt better. I got great results on my lost cut and am the leanest I have ever been, and am using fasting now to bulk. The convenience of eating this way is really the main benefit to me, plus I enjoy having larger meals rather than smaller ones. A lot of research is coming out showing the health benefits of fasting and how it mimics caloric restriction as well. Good stuff.


were yoiu ever a big eater?


Hmmm, thats a good question. I guess I would say that I have never been a big eater. I was as high as 247 once, but it was all fat. I am about 180 or so now. I didn't get to 247 by eating big, I got there by eating stupid and not doing anything! So, while I wouldn't say I tend to be a light eater, I am not a big eater either. In the middle I guess!


I'll fast when I sleep!