Fasting, First Meal Suggestions?

I just started intermittent fasting I was curious what is a good first meal to break a fast?I’ve been doing chicken and rice and treating it like it’s my lunch since I eat in the later afternoon and my pre-workout meal. Is this a good first meal or should I being doing whey or something faster? I do chicken and brown rice. I’ve read conflicting things.

In all honesty, it just isn’t gonna matter.

I can relate to your exact thought-process and all (ie. wanting to get FAST proteins in the system asap) but whatever enables consistency/compliance with your approach really is the most correct answer here.

Thanks for responding. I agree. I can’t help it sometimes I still get caught up in the bro science of things and over think this stuff.

I like my meals to include something that (1) taste good and (2) something that makes me feel full.

(1) Meat (beef or chicken) with a sugar free bbq sauce and (2) Red Potatos microwaved or roasted and flavored with salt (potatoes, when not fried, make you feel very full).

I’ll do red potatoes with anything. A cheeseburger, a burrito, a sandwich bc they keep me full. Brocolli as well.

Have you tried toasts with Tuna? All you need is just tuna, cheese, bustard and bread) 10 minutes and great breakfast is ready)