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Fasting Day Before Black Belt Test


Hi guys.
What would you do if you had a religious fast the day before a black belt test (generally 3.5-4 hours test, many katas, many fights, 3-4 all out fights (untill resign, no limits, very violent)).
How would you suggest preparing.
The fast is thursday in 2 weeks, and the test is friday after.


Awesome name dude.


Eat your own fat? Basing it off of user name.


2 questions.

How much time exactly between when the fast ends and the test begins. Subtract sleep time.

Second, what's your digestive system like? Do you feel it when you drink 2oz of water, or are you one of those freaks who get eat oatmeal and bananas prior to rolling/sparring and be totally fine? (I really dilike those guys)

it will help the info.


I'd do some sort of carb load the night before if you could... you'll need ur muscles all swole w/ glycogen.


  1. the fast ends at 20:30.
    The test is at 10:30
    I wake up at 6:10.
    In the morning I can't eat before 7, 7.15.
    my digestive system is somewhat delicate, I can't eat for an hour- hour and half before hard activity. but as far as I know the beginning of the test is less rough.


Take a liquid meal. strawberries + Milk + Bannana + Yogurt + Whey or something

Goes down nice and easy and gives you enough energy for awhile. This is a personal favorite


1) Carb load for the entire week beforehand, that way your glycogen stores will undoubtedly be maxed out, and the one day fast shouldn't have too much of an effect.

2) Go with a liquid meal like music suggests (as they tend to allow you to eat more calories without the same level of "fullness" as solid meals) the day of. Also, if allowed, bring a sports drink along to sip on during the test (helped me drastically during a few tests of my own) to help keep energy up.

3) Thank God that your black belt test is only 3.5-4 hours long, the black belt test in the system I train in is 24 hours long.


You have a decision to make my friend.

Honor your religion or go for the black belt!

Hell, god forgives, so eat some wild rice and a chicken breast and go get that belt!


I think your instructor SHOULD make an exception. It's a completely valid excuse, and why would he want to test your ability KNOWING you feel that you may be handicapped?



#1 are you Mormon? lol

2: are you an ATA Taekwondo clown? (I only ask because you felt you had to justify and re-emphasize how tough and "violent" the testing is.)

3: If #2 is incorrect, please tell what MA style you train...and maybe a link to its website. I want to know if you are in a McDojo. I also want to know if you are a Jew. If you are a fat one, as your username suggests, maybe you are in a McDojo.

4: If you are THAT religious, Jew or Mormon or whatever, why do you train in such a violent manner, and love it? There is a possible contradiction.


Ok aside from the "McDojo" troll, evryone has pretty much covered it. I honestly wuold suggest eating a FiniBar at 730 give your body time to digest and then take whatever you feel your body needs as it gets closer to test time. Not to much not too little.

My personal opinion, I avoid bananas before major physical testing, I do better with berries, light protein, and general citrus fruits.

sidenote: Sentoguy WTF!! 24 hours?! PM me if yu can. I'd really like to hear this. I know guys who are legit masters who didn't test for 24 hours. what do you do?


  1. as my name my have suggested, I'm a jew.
  2. no.
  3. Goju-Ryu Karate.
  4. What is the contradiction?


Bless you!


I just finished the fast, so I ate rice and brocolli.
I'm going to sleep in some time, and tommorow at 10:30 is the test. wish me luck!


good luck