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Fasting Before Bloodtest?


I am going to see a D.O. this Sat. to see if he will put me on a correct hrt regimen. I'm sure he will want to take some blood to see where all my levels are at. If he doesn't, I'll make the request because I want to know. Anyway, should I fast the night before and in the morning to get the truest readings/levels of everything? My appt. for that day is at 11am.


The testing should include cholesterol and glucose levels which require a 12 hour fast. But do not get dehydrated.

Write down the tests that you want so something does not get missed with a verbal exchange.

serum tests:
total T
free T
CBC -complete blood count
PSA -if over 40YO

A DRE should be done before TRT with older guys.

Write down your symptoms and observations and take two copies for talking points and he can make notes on his copy and generally spend more time on topic instead of writing down notes.


Ok, thanks. So I guess a glass or two of water during the 12 hrs and that's it. I'm going to have to keep on top of any prostate problems because it runs in my family. Also, I had a prostate exam by my dr during physical a couple of years ago and my dr said I had a "prominent" prostate. Something I'll have to have checked regularly when on hrt I assume.