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Fasting and Lent


I was in my youth group today, and we talked about lent, and then later that day I went to go read my history book and it talked about Carnival and lent. I also learned about Carnival, which sounds like modern day marty gras. This Carnival begins after Christmas and lasted until the start of Lent, the forty day period of fasting and purfication leading up to Easter. During Carnival it was a time of great indulgence when heavy consumption of food and drink were the norm. It was a time of intense sexual activity as well.

I was thinking about all this, and I haven't been lifting for long and not long enough to go throgh any kind of diet through Lent.

My question really is anyone here that is religious that has gone through Lent honestly while working out. I was thinking that I would set up my fast so it went with Lent which would be 6 weeks long. I could also set up a bulking diet before Lent.

Oh and lots of sex with my girlfriend from Christmas tell Lent.

Conclusion: Jesus was a body builder and he secretly did this so other people would follow along...Jesus wants you to get big and cut for summer.


This past Lent, I fasted by not eating from sunrise to sunset, still lifted, and made gains. So it's certainly possible.


Pre-marital sex is not allowed in the catholic church. And I would hope that you would use a condom, which is also not allowed by the catholic church.

So what should you do? Eat the damn food. If your gonna screw, I think you can bend the rules a little bit to break your fast. Pick a couple of things you really like and give them up for lent totally if you want to compensate.


I agree with frisbee, if you ask ur priest whether not eating during lent or not fornicating is more important, I think we all know what the answer would be.

If you think the almighty creator of the universe, who sent his son to die a gruesome death for your sin is going to be thrilled with you giving up whatever happens to be most convenient for you, you've got serious ego problems.


I've never heard of fasting for lent, then again I'm not the most devout Roman Catholic.
Still though, my best friends father was a deacon and they ate as normal.
Only differance for lent was no red meat/chicken on Fridays.Which wasn't that bad, CatFish Fridays.


The fasting is not a true requiement of Lent, more one of those "If you could, you should..." sort of things. I think most of the "fasting" that goes on is on Fridays in addition to not eating any meat.


You could give up on silly, millenia-old superstition and just go about your life trying to do right by others without your diet playing a major role in what happens to you after you die.

Or, you could keep on thinking that the invisible super-hero in the sky cares about what you have for lunch.


My understanding after catholic school is that the fasting is on fridays and only refers to no snackign between meals.


Dick head, have fun sucking satan's greasy cock in hell


Do you pray to the invisible super-hero in the sky with that mouth?

Seriously, dude...if you're such a christian...forgive me.


Here's a possible idea..........if you are truly concerned over this(sex comment aside), talk with your priest or minister about it. They're not always the final word, but at least they can give you their take on what would be a good course of action for you during Lent. But in the end, just pick one and be at ease with your choice. Either eat as you normally would and do your thing, or modify it to conform with Lent. Besides, either way, it is "only" 40 days, so your progress up or down would not be seriously affected by this period of time.


Wow. Moron. Or you could respect someone enough to try and follow some standards and beliefs in their own life without ridiculing them in a troll-like fashion... but that would require some effort and being an Internet tough guy is just so much easier.


What is Lent about anyway? Why do it?

(Obviously, I am not Catholic or whatever.)


Forgiveness is not something for you to demand, chief. Very classy to take one of the nobler aspects of the faith and find a way to grind someone's nose into it.


Lent is a period of repentence, reflection and preparation for Christ's passion and resurrection. It is meant to be a period where Christians are extra sensitive to what Christ went through and try to improve ourselves through fasting and abstinence and alms giving (not just giving $).

Incidentally, there are misconceptions about fasting and abstinence. The Catholic Church only prescribes fasting and abstinence on certain days during Lent. Fasting means limiting food intake to two meals throughout the day, although a third, small meal may be eaten for strength maintenance. Abstinence, despite what most people think (no sex), is refraining from eating meat.

There are only two days that call for both fasting and abstinence, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. All Fridays during Lent are days of abstinence. These are the "rules", so to speak, that are put out by St. Patrick's Cathedral (NY) every Ash Wednesday. Other Christian denominations have different Lenten rules, some stricter, some laxer.

Hope this helps,


First of all, "lent" is not in the Bible. God never said to do that.

Second of all...pre-marital sex IS in the bible as a very bad thing. Kind of an oxymoron, don't you think?


Actually, ace, it is. christianity is based around forgiveness, isn't it? The whole confession nonsense?

So, therefore, if you as a christian don't like what I have to say...forgive me.

What are the other noble aspects of the faith? Thinking 'pulling out' is a viable birth control method?


Wow, you've done some serious research into this - it shows.
Christianity is NOT based on forgiveness. It is based on Christ as the Messiah. The concept of forgiveness certainly is a major tenet of the faith, but not the basis. Kuz is right, you can't demand forgiveness. Forgiveness is given, not taken and it revolves around sin. If no sin has been committed, forgiveness is not necessary. However, going back to your post previous to this one, you committed blasphemy. Neither Kuz nor I can forgive you for that, for the sin was not against us, but against God. If you want forgiveness, you need to go to the Big Man himself, or you WILL be providing favors for Satan someday:-).



Blasphemy?! Oooooooh! I took the fictitious name of the non-existent super-hero in the sky in vain?


Seriously, grow up.


yawn Trolls like you grow boring so quickly. Kind of amusing that someone who doesn't know someone else's faith demanding that they do something under that faith.

Enjoy ruining other people's threads. Seems to be your "talent" since you don't seem to add much of substance to a discussion.