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Fastest Way to Grow Muscle?

I coach under 7’s rugby, we also do things I used to do in seniors to get things I needed.

They still run around like headless chickens at the moment though.


“Tag” still reigns as the greatest speed and change of direction training tool ever created.


Fastest? How about just a certain way of building muscle long-term? There is no quick fix. Genetics decide your outcome.

  • Most important: Make your training a priority! The most important days in the gym are the ones you struggle to perform. Use different strategies to make it happen. On days I’d rather do something else - I quickly change for gymwear and focus on getting to the gym. When at the gym there’s no escape…
  • Full body program. Arnold did it for his early development, which means something.
  • Train 3 days a week. Plan/do other fun stuff on rest days. You train for life - not for some months (like many people do after their new year resolutions).
  • Basic compound excercises.
  • Variety in reps (few vs many, also vary the cadence) between the three different days.
  • Eat 3 larger meals, and two smaller a day. Limit fat intake. Focus on good carbs.
  • Supplement with creatine and a periworkout mix of cyclic dextrin and peptopro.

If I were to recommend a specific program I would go for Dr Stevensons Fortitude Training (thanks again @davemccright). If this program broke my plateau - it can break anything (anyone)! But it is not exactly a program for new lifters.

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I love this advice. I’m right there with you brother!

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Thanks man! We do seem to have a similar mindset. To follow your journey (log) is a pleasure and inspiration!

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The fastest way to grow muscle?

You should start using heavier weights, and never stop trying to use even heavier ones. And eat A LOT, and sleep A LOT.

As Paul Carter said - One of my most favorite quotes of all time about what it takes to get better was by Dr. Ken Leistner - “I’m fond of telling doubting trainees that it’s just a matter of always adding weight to the bar, adding another repetition. If you could get to the point where you’re squatting 400 pounds for 20 reps, stiff-legged deadlifting 400 pounds for 15 reps, curling 200 for 10 reps, pressing 200 for 10 reps, doing 10 dips with 300 pounds around your waist, and chinning with 100 pounds, don’t you think you would be big? I mean awfully big? AND strong? Obviously!”

For me, this means doing a routine that does not hurt me, does not bore me and does enough to keep me adding another rep, another pound…little by little.

Also, some Zen…

Student comes to the Master and asks…“How long until I can I become proficient”. Master replies “three years”. Student replies “Oh no, I want to become proficient much sooner than that”. Master replies “In that case, it will take you five years”.

As I follow this thread, I smile every time I look at it. I imagine the converse, "Slowest Way to Grow Muscle?"

I bet some really big and strong octogenarian could tell you. Or those Italian fellas who toil the land with hoes, sipping chianti and munching olives, and live to over a hundred…