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Fastest Way to Grow Muscle?

Hey Everyone, I have a very curious quick question on how I can grow muscle fast. I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle and improving my physic is my next step. I don’t want to use supplements or any drugs. The real question is should I start using more heavier lifts or should I just continue with the ones I have been using. It would be much appreciated if anybody that has experienced personal training can give their input. Thank you all!"

If you’ve stalled or aren’t seeing any changes you should do something else.

Can you share any stats on your current state, like height, weight, previous athletics, current condition, etc.?

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Outlining EXACTLY what you’ve been doing is a helpful starting point at which highly experienced lifters will be able to help you. Not a list of exercises, but a full description of your training week. On Monday you do these exercises for this many sets and reps, on Wednesday you do…etc. Outlining your diet in as much detail as you can will also help, as diet is extremely important for gaining muscle.

Do you keep a training log/journal? If you don’t know what you’ve been doing, you won’t know what you need to do to improve.

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What does your diet look like along with your stats. Training is all good and stuff but if your diet sucks training doesn’t matter.

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yea, i think that the main problem for everyone who have this type of question is that they dont really have reallistic expectations on how fast muscle can be gained…

its just a simple and hard truth - gaining muscle is a slow process. If you haven been training at all, it will take a year for you to make gains that someone can notice. It will take 3 years for you to actually feel like you are bigger and stronger that average people. And it takes 10+ years for you to be turning heads inside the gym also.

Firstly you have to explain - what did YOU mean by “fast”… If you are asking for the best plan for the next 3 years, we can start this discussion.
If you ment something like - gain visible amount of muscle in 4-6 months, then i will just facepalm and exit :smiley:

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Lift eat sleep repeat.

It sound “too” easy. But that’s it. As for rep ranges/exercise selection etc some of that is down to how you react. Some guys grow with 5 reps. Some don’t.

But as a rule - you can’t go wrong with strong (getting stronger with generally get you bigger). Getting stronger in the 8-12 rep range especially for size. Paul Carter wrote a piece called the 8-12-8 program that sums it up.
Squat, pull up, any row, press, bench perch or incline bench press and Romania dead lifts.


Quick question, but there’s no quick answers. There are volumes of books, articles, blog, podcasts, etc. written on this subject–more than you could read in a lifetime.

20 rep breathing squats


Train hard, eat appropriately, sleep plentifully.

Repeat every day

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@JournalMike i have never grown muscle as fast as when I did breathing squats.
I’m just about to reintroduce these. I expect good things.

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Life goals.


@T3hPwnisher @carlbm when you say “20 rep breathing squats” here, do you mean just that by itself or the super squats program for 8 weeks or whatever it is?

The 6 week program will really do the trick, but absent that the squats themselves will work some magic.

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I use them as a drop set after front squats. I’m training for strong man. Front squats for strength and back squats for volume / assistance.

But yeah, super squats program is golden. I think everyone should run it once or twice. However a widow maker set has a place in every leg day.


Squats and whole milk

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I always liked doing back off sets like that on everything back in the day. It’s just good stuff

You do them with breathing squats? The 3 super deep breaths into the chest between reps? It’s a whole different animal. Sucks SO much, haha.

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What if you couldn’t squat or drink milk?


Dead’s and OJ?


Well then clearly you’re boned