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Fastest Way to Get Ripped - Workout for Natties


Hey Christian,

I have been doing the Best Damn for a couple of months already and want to finish my diet with a bang.

So I read your article about the workout plan inspired by Bill Pearl and I love the idea of high freq, high volume and more pump than on the best damn workout.

But my only concern is, since you didn’t mention in it any way - in contrast to the best damn plan (optimal for natties), is it optimal to follow this routine when you’re not an enhanced athlete?

best regards


I just finished my 2nd workout, Pushday and this routine is the hardest thing I have ever done, thats for sure.

Maybe I made a mistake on the intesity, because I pretty much went often to failure to hit the needed reps on the last sets of the supersets. This is not intended, isn’t it?

Maybe you could give a little bit of insight on where you are moving intensity-whise (RPE-Scale)?

Thanks, love it tho.

  1. Its based on Pearl’s principles and he never went to failure

  2. I don’t use the RPE scale

  3. I stop about 2 reps short on big lifts, 1 on isolation


I read this training article the day it came out but didn’t bookmark it. Now I can’t find it. :frowning:


Its on thibarmy… called the fastest way to get jacked… you can find it via google.


Doh!!! Of course. Thank you!!


When you outline the days by high, medium and low stress. Are you referring to intensity, or is that how you chose which exercises for which day based on the stress is supposed to be. For instance Leg Curls vs GHR vs RDL (light, medium, high stress).
But I suppose my real question is this. Should the same effort be given to every movement and every set? Or are we supposed to adjust the effort (intensity) based on if it’s light, medium or high?


Read my earlier answer


I did. But I’m still not fully understanding what you mean. I get the idea of choosing a weight that allows me to do all of the reps with 1 or 2 left. But what confuses me is the naming of exercises based on stress level.


I suppose it’s a matter of perspective. I look at the high stress low body compared to the medium stress low body. The medium stress looks much more difficult. 4x8-10 with a 5 sec eccentric would be much more difficult for me than a 3x6


Um I did the first week and even though the 5 sec eccentric were a nightmare, the high stress is even harder yeah because it’s 6 reps + 24 lunges + 25 legs extensions. The giant set is like 90 seconds of TUT… Plus I had never done leg extensions before (bad knees) but since it was a set of 25 well the weight would be very low. I had never felt my quads like this before, this sessions was so hard I had tears in my eyes.

I advice for the big exercise you start with around 70% of your max.

Anyway I love it, it’s a nice break from powerlifting training, and I am more pumped and striated than ever…
But yeah it’s the hardest thing I have done. It’s good though, you have to be insane sometimes to remember what really hard work is


Yep, to go back at the squats after that crazy superset is just incredible. Never felt like this before and I’m in the game for 9-10 years now.
2nd week now and every training is pain you’re afraid of, but you have to go through that to not feel as a pussy.

I only can tell you guys to try this if you wanna test yourselves.


Some of the techniques here are Poliquin inspired, for example, 6 12 25 sets are German Body Comp. Slower eccentric tempos another. It doesn’t seem like long ago when the latter was being slated on T Nation. As is often the case, things go in and out of fashion then the cycle repeats. I admire folks like CT who put it into perspective.


Yes, but I actually learned about this method from the late Fred Hatfield in his book “Bodybuilding a Scientific Approach”


Yes! The second week feels easier, or maybe is it because I have embraced the pain? Anyway I thought Mountain Dog was challenging but man… I discovered new ressources in me!


where can i get this training ??


Today was day 1 of the 3rd week for me and I am really enjoying it. I actually turned my weights down and concentrated on the slower tempo for my front squats and RDLs; man I really felt it! My appetite has increased somewhat also which was expected with the volume. This is by far my favorite training program I’ve ever been on.


On Thib’s website Thibarmy, search in the blog section


I’m such a wuss. I can only manage the M W F schedule. I just don’t have it to do the T Th Sat…


Can any of the guys who posted while in their 2nd or 3rd week update their progress on this plan?