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"Fastest Way to Get Jacked" Program

Hello coach

I dont know if you still remember this routine from you website But I Was thinking about trying the “fastest way to get jacked program” cause I’m flying for a birthday weekend in a few weeks and wanted to get shredded/jacked for it and I was wondering 3 things

1 – do you still think it is that good of a program/routine to get jacked/shredded fast or the fastest

2 – did you stick with it for the entire time and how was your results (lean muscle gained, body fat lost) sorry if this is a personal question.

3 – after this routine/program if I see great great results I might buy one of your programs and if I do so, which one do you advice the most?.

Thanks in advanced coach.

It’s effective. But “the fastest” is relative to each people. Understand that if your goal is to get lean, diet is more important than training

No, I did it for 5 weeks. Gave rapid results for 4 weeks and started to feel tired on the 5th week so I switch to a lower volume approach like “the best damn program”

It depends on your own personal preference. Hard to answer without knowing what type of training you gravitate toward

I don’t really have a preference in terms of type of training, I tried every type pretty much and I like, I like doing Olympic lifts, I like doing low reps “normal exercises” I like pump training, I can say I like every single one but if I had a preference even tho it is just a slight preference I would say Olympic lifts, it makes me feel… “Omnipotent”.

But yeah I really don’t have a real preference but I can say a body type I aspire to, and maybe that would help in picking the program. The body type is Henry Cavill but maybe a bit more leaner but with the same size/power look he has. I know genetics differ from people to people but in terms of body type similarity I aspire to that’s probably the one.

right now I’m around 75kg with… I would say maybe 10/11% body fat

Ok so you are likely a neurotype 2A… I would go with the PBT, power building program OR my Conjugate bodybuilding program which will come out shortly

Cavil is 90-95kg, are you the same height? Because if you have and you want to be even leaner this means gaining around 20-25kg of muscle… which is not something that you can do in the short term

I’m 5’11 feet tall. Oh I know that, I don’t except to gain 20/25 kg in a short time.
Now I’m doing your routine “fastest way to get jacked” just to get some nice quick body composition for a friends birthday weekend (beginning of November) and after I comeback I want to start working towards gaining those lean 20/25kg like Cavill for summer (June/July)

Summer of 2021? You can expect to gain around 5-6kg of lean muscle in one year … that would be really good especially if you want to stay lean in the process

lol come one shoot for 2020,tokyo olympics at least