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Fastest Way to Get Jacked: Drop Sets to Get All Reps?

Hi Coach

This is my first week running this programme, which is proving a real challenge after more than 6 months on DBW I and II but is also an enjoyable one!

I am building the volume up over two weeks or so, but my question was around the rep schemes: should you use drop sets to get the reps in because I find after 2 rounds of supersets the reps drop dramatically?

I’m thinking you need to lighten the load so you can hit all reps across.

Could be the short inter-superset rest periods and low ambient/intrinsic factor values like menta; acuity.

I ever smoked a 5 X 5 only to fail the 3rd set by 2 reps because of fatigue. It scarred me for life. My buddies could repeat the workload just because he failed last set last rep. That didn’t encourage me either. It’s obviously because he used a light load, and because he’s strong.

Mental strength is key in maintaining the success possibility of last set last rep.

I had a nightmarish time the first week because believe it or not I had only done concentric training before and the slow tempo was super hard. But if you push through you can do it, I increased the weight by a good amount the following weeks. You need to be tougher and have more pain resilience. Because yeah it is a hard program and if you have no mental you won’t complete it

Good to know mate. I have increased my focus on eccentric work in recent times, mainly inspired by CT’s discussions on MTOR. However, supersets demanding 4-5s on eccentrics for 8-15 reps is a hell of a lot of time under tension. The other factor is that, due to training exclusively in BDW mode for so long, I’m good with frequency but not with volume. In essence, Fastest Way is the opposite end of the spectrum (going from 3 sets or so per body part to 16!). That said, I love a challenge and have been keen to try this programme out since it was published last year.

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Yes! Don’t worry I have a high volume tolerance but even for me it was hard. Good thing it’s only 3-6 weeks!

I have come to love and hate at the same time these eccentrics. I’m on week 12 of the conjugate program and there’s a lot of 4-5 eccentrics and 4020. I feel it’s more mental than anything, since most of the lifting is in eccentric where we are stronger, it is easier to push harder and harder… Usually at the 6th reps it begins to burn and at the 12th my brain begs me to stop. But I believe these two programs have helped me being tougher :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway now I’m gonna do a cycle of Look like a bodybuilder to go back to that sweet sweet low volume/high frequency before HFBB…