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Fastest Way to Get Jacked - 24 Hours Fasts

Dear CT

I was considering doing the program 3 on, 1, off, 3 on, 1 off etc…

Off days would be 24 hours fasts, training days maintenance (whole body) or slightly below (pump work). Protein 40%, carbs 40% and fats 20%

Goal, body recomp (better nutrient partitioning due to fasting)

May I please request your opinion on this?

Thanks as always

Moog (Mike)

Hey man. If you haven’t done the program before then I would recommend not fasting until you’ve done the program for 3-4 weeks. The volume is insane and this program brought my recovery to the brink, and I have a relatively good high volume tolerance. Maybe it doesn’t look like it on paper but if you give it 100% it will destroy you. In a good way of course :wink:

If you wanna start fasting twice a week I’d highly suggest a 4 or even a 3 day week program until you get used to it. It takes time for your body to adjust. Too many factors and the whole thing crashes and burns.

If you wanna do the program. Go for it. Do it until you get comfortable. THEN add in ONE fasting day a week for 2-3 weeks, THEN add the 2nd days fast. You’ll appreciate it.

Learn from my mistakes :grinning:

Noted - thanks for taking the time to reply buddy, appreciate your advice and input

How was your gains with this and any tweaks? Have you done his other programs woudl be curious to hear comparison.

This program was waaaay too intense for me to follow even after a week lol. I’m not used to so much volume with giant sets etc. But love this concept for whole body 3x week interspersed w/ “assitance/muscular” work…

Could maybe be used as a peaking week?

70% of the time I train very much like a powerlifter. So as far as building strength, it didn’t do much for me. What it did do though was give me a much “sharper” look as well as a huge increase in work capacity which actually was very beneficial. I only really had a little over an hour at the gym. To get all that work in I had to learn to haul ass and suck it up. By the end of 6 weeks I maintained my weight but dropped several lbs of fat. When I went back to strength training the newly boosted work capacity was gold. I went straight into a layers format of training for strength and my numbers blew up.

I think I’ve done most of his programs. At least those in the past 5 years or so. Dunno what to compare really. I see it as bodybuilding/bro conditioning. It’s a good tool for when I want that.

Hey chaps

Just for some added context…

I’ve done this program before and loved it - just 3 weeks as written. (2 additional weeks 3 on 1 off pretty much like suggested in my original post) Off days we’re pretty low cal, which is why I was wondering about incorporating fasting days - Paul Carter style

I’m currently training 4 dates, fasting 2-3 - fat slipping off and I actually don’t find the fasting as cognitively I’m on fire, getting a shit load done at work :0) I’ll be interested if CT chips in - maybe some intra workout nutrition would enable my plan to succeed