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Fastest Way to Get Big?

Hi coach, I always hear people talking about volume. Now, I know what’s your stance for natural lifters, but I wonder what’s then the best way to get big:
-get strong on a bunch of big compound exercises in the 6-10 range (I think I heard that in one of your vids)
-maximum muscle fiber fatigue (let me pass that term, I am also referring to all the techniques I see in your programs)
Or maybe it is really down to your neurotype? (How much you are progress/goal-driven, how much variety etc you need)

I think you posted in the wrong sub forum.

Read six ways to reach your genetic potential on thibarmy. That answers your question I think and is written by the coach you are addressing

Well, I was actually asking to coach Thib, cuz everything he says makes sense to me hah… But everyone’s advice is welcome obv :slight_smile:

Yes, basically that was what I was looking for. Thanks

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