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Fastest Way to Drop Fat?


i been on a CKD/low carb diet for a while now to keep weight low for wrestling. recently i got injured and i spent the last 4 days eating shit..my weight while low carbing is 110.8 in the morning. in the past 4 days i went nuts and just ate tons of pastries brownies shit food etc.

i step on the scale before bed 124.8. whats the fastest, safest way to get this weight off. and how much water weight could it be compared to fat?


If let's say you ate an excess of 2000 calories per day above maintenance, there is no way that in 4 days you gained more than just barely over 2 lb of fat.

Even if you ate 3500 calories a day over maintenance, you couldn't have put on more than 4 lb of fat in 4 days.

No need to panic or take drastic measures. Though if you have to make weight for competition very promptly then most certainly you need to burn the added glycogen off (which resulted from all the added carbs), which will result in losing the glycogen-associated water.


best way to burn off glycogen quickly?


what did you injure? Can you ride an exercise bike? Some HIIT would be a good start.


HIIT...sprints! just think about what makes you sweat...full body weight intervals as well


broken thumb. can still grip things in that hand just without the thumb


Activity in general. HIIT will help too.

The good news is a pound of glycogen, unlike a pound of fat, has only about 1600 calories. And about another 4 lb of water will go along with it, maybe a bit more. So it's not a vast number of calories' worth of glycogen that has to go for quite a bit of resulting weight loss.


as far as lifting how can i burn it off? tomorrow is my full body workout day..heavy weights low reps or lower weights higher reps?


The total work done is greater with higher reps for a couple of reasons:

1) For example for 5 reps one might be able to do 80 lb on some exercise, but with 60 lb might get 9 reps. So the total work done in the first case is 5x80 or 400 pounds through whatever distance, while in the second case it's 9x60 or 540 pounds through the same distance. So the second case is more work and more calories burned.

2) Rest periods can, oddly enough, typically be shorter with higher-rep work. So there's the potential for you also to do more total sets in the same time frame, therefore more total calories for this reason also.


Bill makes a number of good points. It isn't possible that you gained that much fat. If you were dieting for an extended period, this may have been GOOD for you, believe it or not. In terms of both looks, hormones, and muscle catabolism.

As far as the huge gain, understand that a gram of carbs in muscle glycogen is going to hold 3g of water. You're retaining a lot of water.

I've found my weight depleted vs. carb loaded jumps about 12 pounds at the peak and after 2 days of regular intake settles about 6 pounds higher. And I look better and feel stronger.

The fastest way to drop the water weight would be a depletion style workout because that would burn an enormous amount of carbs in your muscles. Think working around 50% of your max for very high volume and 15+ rep sets with a long time under tension. "Pump" work.

This is if you consider dropping the water weight even necessary. Honestly, it will come down to a a regular level on its own and then you can reassess


do you mean your weight goes up 12 pounds, and then when you eat normal you retain 6 more pounds of water ontop of the 12?


nah, I mean from moderately depleted to carb loaded, my weight spikes 12 pounds the night of the carb load.

Then I use the bathroom and eat for a few days to scale back to maintenance or dieting (which for me would be about 330g carbs one day and 165-250 the next couple which are maintenance days)- and at this point my weight has dropped back down 6 pounds to my normal carb loaded weight.

Last time I did this, I was 185 moderately depleted. I carbed up that night and all of the next day and weighed 197. Two days of normal eating later, I was a moderately carb loaded 191, which is the weight I would walk around with at maintenance as long as I didn't drop carbs really low and kept taking my creatine and drinking water.

I took a week off dieting like this and am back on, finishing my cut right now. Hoping to drop 6 pounds of fat down to < 180 and weigh around 185 carb loaded but it's a long shot because I wasted time and planned poorly. Then I'll go on vacation and eat at maintenance, and soon after transition back to bulking cuz I'm tiny!

So, eat a few days at maintenance, and you should drop off several of those pounds of water weight. Like, probably at least a 1/3 drop.

What happened? and do you feel like you look worse?

Because you may very well have just replenished your muscle glycogen stores (especially if this was after a workout) and gained a little fat. In which case you would look bigger and fuller with slightly worse definition and should be much stronger.

Or, you may have gained a little fat and bloated like crazy if you weren't very depleted, ate really terrible, or didn't do a workout before all of that overeating. If that's the case, you will have to do a little more work but even so it's not a huge deal and your weight will come back down. I really doubt you gained more than a few pounds of fat in 4 days, and it could be much better depending on the other variables.

Regardless, if you're gonna binge like that you've gotta plan it to make the most of it.



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pretty much bloated like crazy. i do feel like i look worse becuz abs are completely gone and so is alot of muscle definition


Ephedra is not illegal.


This is just rediculous.

What do your visible abs have to do with wrestling?


Ephedra is banned in the U.S. it isn't illegal. Ephedra is simply Ephedrine + acetominaphine. You can get Ephedrine by buying a decongestant like Mucinex. People actually use the pseudoephedrine as one ingredient to cook up meth with which is why they make you sign off for it and show I.D. It was banned because a small percent of people using it were having adverse reactions to ephedra such as heart palpitation, arythmia and stroke.


Consider a PSMF if you are really motivated.


nothing i just use abs as something to know im down to my wrestling weight. can abs really be appear and disappear because of water retention?


if you bloat really badly + gain a little fat then yeah they can

ephedrine isn't illegal. It's teh nuts. E+C mang.

I think they banned some herbal supplement or something

You can still get Ephedrine HCL in a CVS. Sign a slip. Primatene tablets or bronkaid are 12.5mg ephedrine HCL and some guafenesin, which dries out my nos a little but doesn't bother me

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