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Fastest Way to Build with Products at GNC?


Im currently a little overweight in my opinion. I have a great base structure, but I really would like to see my love handles go away. It just seems like nothing works. I work sooo hard at it, and nothing seems to be giving me any results. This causes me to give up after about 2 or 3 months.

I figure If I can get some products that build muscle like crazy and shed the fat off just as well, Maybe I can see those results sooner, and it will motivate me to stay on track. Anyone have any ideas?
My diet is pretty good. by the way. But I will take any advice on that as well.


What's your diet and training look like?


One more thing...I also dont know where to start with all the products all over the market. I dont know why there are so many. I dont know which things are "tried and true" other than creatine, and protein, But even then I dont know what kinds to get. Besides, I want something fast. Like an HGH, but not really that, you know? I dont want to rely on supplements to get me to my goal, just to get me some results real quick so I can believe in myself.


Well, Im really busy with college, and work, so my schedule is never the same week to week, and Im not even sure how this semester will turn out, as we just started yesterday.

But my diet is pretty much what Ive been told to do. Thats 6 small meals a day. I'll have an apple as soon as i wake up. then Ill take a shower, and go have a cup of oats with rice milk. about 2 or 3 hours later, I'll have a handful of almonds or some small snack like that. Then about 3 more hours later, I'll have lunch. Usually consisting of meat like chicken or fish, the size of my palm, a whole bunch of veggies, and some kind of carb like wild rice. 2 or 3 hours later, its snack time and im having a granola bar (kashi) or maybe a bit of tuna on one slice of bread, folded.

Then 2 or 3 more hours later, Its dinner. I try not to make it heavy, and almost always Im having a salad with some meat on it, along with sunflower seeds, and crushed sun chips. I add in my own home-made dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and agave nectar.

While I always eat organic, and healthy all natural foods. Sometimes I just eat until Im not hungry anymore, and dump the rest out. Often times, when Im doing this, Im not caring what is on my plate as far as trying to have a balanced meal. I just care about portions. I may only eat meat and veggies on a given night, and not eat any carbs because Im just not hungry for them after the meat and veggies. I COULD eat them if I wanted. but I dont just stop when Im full. I stop when Im not hungry....is that a good idea or no?

My training is currently the P90X program. I figured If I was doing something wrong in my training, I would be able to correct it with a trainer!


What do you mean not seeing results? If you're not losing fat then it's probably your diet, make sure you're not eating too much. Not gaining muscle? 2 months is probably too short of a time period to tell, but are you pushing yourself in the gym? Do you try your best to increase the amount of weight/reps every session?

And no, no such products exist, sorry.




Are you counting your calories? it is much more effective than eyeballing portions.

Try only having carbs (aside from veggies) in your first meal and PRE workout. No PWO carbs, i dont know if you've been following CT but apparently PWO carbs dont do as much as they were up until recently thought to.

As for p90x, i really have no clue.

Supplements. I've never used it but i do hear good things about HOT-ROX


Honestly, I dont pay attention to how many reps Ive done, or weight. I just pick a weight and try to fail at about 8 reps. Sometimes I feel like I COULD do maybe one or two more. But I just stop because I feel like Im getting a pretty good pump I guess. All that matters is the pump right? Im still learning, but I figured if Im getting pumped, then blood is flowing to the muscle and its growing.

As far as fat loss goes, Im basically trying to eat healthy meals (5 or 6 a day) and size them so that I can feel hunger in my stomach for about 30 minutes to an hour before I eat again. I read that arnold once said "stay hungry". But maybe thats mis-interpreted?

Thats my mentality right now. Go ahead, tear me up on it. I gotta hear it.


Okay, first of all, figure out what you're doing in the gym. You're obviously not putting enough effort if all you do is try and get a pump. This place is a treasure trove of information, so read the stickies here to start: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner/must_reads_for_beginners


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It seems like you have defined your goals, but aren't choosing one and going at it. If fat loss is your goal, you need to train and eat for that purpose. If you just want to get bigger, then you need to train and eat for that purpose. Trying to do both at once is very hard.


arnold probably said stay hungry in reference to trying to gain mass...


'Stay Hungry' is a metaphor for keeping an appetite for success.

it isn't just an Arnold-ism, it is something i have heard a number of times.