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Fastest Transformation with Layer System


Hey Guys - wanted to get your and CT thoughts on what has resulted in the most drastic AND fastest body shape change using CT's system. Speaking diet here as lower body fat makes visual changes more noticeable.

I've been doing cruciferous veggies + chicken breast (alternating with leaner red meat) and carbs ONLY from periworkout Plazma and the transformation is scarely fast. Literally within a week, new cuts, new shoulder width/trap "fullness" etc.

Every few days eat whatever (carby stuff, good high calorie food, etc.) and there SEEMS to be a recomp and tightening effect afterwards.

It's pretty amazing and what's worked for me (though I'm fairly lean to begin with). I tried "pushing the carbs" as much as possible but it seems like after 2-3 days I do look softer. My current approach feels healthy, sustainable, and I feel great every day while body gets more and more absurdly V-tapered by the day(I track daily).

Curious to hear how others have successfully/quickly transformed their physiques combining CT's training with X,Y,Z diet/lifestyle tips. Thanks for any thoughts.


I'll write a bit tomorrow (2am here, practically falling asleep at the keyboard :wink: ), but for now I've got a question for you:
Are your non-training days zero carb?


Right now I'm following CT's Layer system + Chris' pulse feast plan which consists of 6 MAG-10 pulses and 1 or 2 meals a day. After 3 weeks I've managed to drop 3.5kg plus break PRs on all my lifts! Recovery isn't bad but I think the 3 Plazma doses, 6 MAG-10 Pulses & Power Drive helps with that. But yeah I still feel like im filling out my shirts & jeans dispite losing a fair bit of fat in a short time. Layer system is really something else!


Getting PRs on the big lifts while dropping 3.5kg is no joke. The big lifts tend to be more easily affected by weight loss (even if it is only fat loss) than other movements. So if you are gaining strength on those, you are doing a lot of things right!