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Fastest Safe Fat Loss?

What is the fastest that body fat can be lost without loosing significiant amounts of LBM? This is all assuming that strengthening workouts continue 4x/wk.

I ask because I’m currently a pudgy 21% BF (197 @ 5’8") and would like to get down to 10-12% before going on a bulking cycle. I’m following the Meltdown program and have thrown in 3x/wk HIT to help. I’m also taking Methoxy-7 and just started on Maximum strength HOT-ROX (was using Red Bands). My current diet is T-dawg 2.0 with a caloric intake of 2500 (although I have had more cheat days than I’d like to admit). So far I’ve lost 5 lbs in the past month. While this seems good, it also seems like it going to be an eternity before I can get my BF% low enough to start bulking. Is it safe to shoot for losing 2+ lbs/wk without sacrificing LBM while on these supplements? What is a realistic timeframe to get down to 12% BF?

Hi Wombat

I am no expert but I am dealing with fat loss now myself so I though I would chime in as nobody responded yet.

I think the general “safe” recommendation is to aim for around 0.5 - 1 % body fat loss per week. I also learned that scale weight should not be the main measure unless your dropping body weight for a weight specific competition.

Hope this helps


Hi there Wombat,
I too am no expert, however, I have lost a staggering 25 pounds of fat in a month and a half. How? OK well I read Atkins, South Beach, etc etc. I cut carbs by alot… ALOT. I increased protein ALOT. About two weeks ago I started HOT-ROX… A couple of odd effects… I am happy almost all the time, like unusually happy. Not a bad thing I suppose. Also my weight loss as tripled since using HOX-ROX. There is very little or no hunger at all to speak of. HOT-ROX must suppress that. I also seem more focused. I too was chunky. I am 6 foot male and “weighed” 242. I have been blessed with very broad shoulders and tiny waist and very long legs. So the 242 was not has bad looking on me as some. I am now, as of today 216.5 My goal is very similar to yours. When I hit 205 (about 2 weeks or so away)I am all over the MAG-10 2 week cycle then on to the TRIBEX and M for two weeks etc etc. I called Biotest and asked about combining HOT-ROX with MAG-10 and although it can be done you would likely cheat yourself out of your max gains. Now MAG-10 you will gain mass but you may also gain fat. This is simply due to the volume of food you NEED to eat. I suspect that the fat would melt off fairly quickly though due to the fact that you would be consuming more calories due to the increase in muscle mass. I “think” the trick is to quit eating like a horse and resume normal eating at the end of each MAG-10 cycle. Continue to workout of course but don’t eat like you?re on MAG-10. I think it?s this in-between 2 week stage you can drop the fat gained from MAG-10. Then start the cycle again, resume eating. Over and over again for 12 weeks. I MAY BE WRONG THOUGH!!! I don?t know it seems no one on this board has done what I am about to do so I guess someone has to be first. I hope this helps…

Every response helps out Barbosa so thanks for your input. Like you, I’ve got to say that since I started taking HOT-ROX, I’ve also been unusually chipper, have tons of energy, don’t crave sweets, and generally have overall decreased appetite. I couldn’t tell a lot of difference when I took Red Bands (8 caps/day), but with the new HOT-ROX formula I can tell worlds of difference.

I’m considering dropping down to 2200 cals/day to see what happens but I’m hesitant. Alternatively I’m also thinking of adding regular cardio 3x/wk to try to bring the fat loss rate up. I don’t know if one is better than the other, especially for preserving LBM purposes. Or if I should just stick with 2500 cals/day plan since its working but just taking a long time.

(P.S. My first post said HIT training, but it was suppose to be HIIT - running and jumping rope).

DNP, t3, clenbuterol, eca, yohimbine, gh and gear…
Only kidding, Try to increase the amount of work you do, cal expenditure, each week. Add in short morning cardio, or morning meltdown type training. If you do HIIT and it’s already high impact, don’t be afraid to do extra no impact things like, ugh, the eliptical, or sled dragging. It’s all about frequently raising you metabolism for short bits but not so much as to tax muscle etention/recovery and joints.
use HOT-ROX (Max Strength when you run out of what you have)
It is way superior as a thermo than the old HOT-ROX.

At 21% bodyfat, you can do a psmf without losing a significant amount of lbm, simply because you have more fat to lose. What is a PSMF? Hell. It’s a protein sparing modified fast. Basically, it’s protein is equal to 1.5g per kg, some veggies, and 6 grams of fish oil a day and that’s it. Which for you works out to about 131g of protein, some misc. veggies, and 6 grams of fat, as well as the fat that will come from your protein foods, and you’re at about 600 cals total. You woulnd’t want to do cardio on this diet for two reasons, one you’ll feel like shit, and two, cardio will suppress your metabolism even quicker. Two or three full body sessions of 2 sets of 6-8 work great. But, this is a hugh bitch, so unless you’re prepared for feeling like crap, use the other methods suggested. You can expect to lose 3+ pounds a week. But obviously this is not a long term diet. 2 weeks is the longest I was able to do it. And watch how you come off it. hope that helps.

safest bet is to do bwx1-1.5g lbs. Sorry about the previous statement.


Going to be quick here as I am in a bit of a hurry but needed to reply.

Your progress at 5 lbs in a month is not bad at all. It is actually good and the safest way to keep as much LBM as possible.

You could however for now shoot for 2 lbs a week or even a tad more if you wanted while at the high BF% rate. As you lose the weight the progress will then slow on it’s own. The fat you are losing uses energy. So you will be burning less as you lose and the progress will slow to 1 lb or so ( hopefully) as you get to lower %'s.

As for the Bulking on MAG-10 mentione here… NO. NO. NO. The 2 weeks in between the ON cycles is NO time to cut your cals and drop Fat. You need to keep your intake high. This will allow you to set in those gains that you made while on and help with bring natural hormone levels back up if any supression has taken place. DONT TRY AND LOSE THAT BF. Unless you simply enjoy yoyoing. Watching yourself make great progress with an awesome product only to diet it away.

Hope that Helps.