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fastest Results When Time is Not an Issue?

So I’m at a time in my life when time for training is not an issue. It’s not all roses, but it means I have time - I can spend 3 hours in the gym, I can do multiple sessions a day, I can regiment my diet, etc.

But I can’t find too many training programs that will let me maximize that available time (most deal with the opposite problem.)

The only thing I don’t have is a ton of extra cash.

Any suggestions?

I can see your predicament.
First what were you doing lately ?
I have read a suggested program with 3 gym visits daily on this website but you must know that overdoing it muscles wise is a thing to avoid, just like CNS wise, and joints wise.

Your profile does not say, so how old are you ?

Guessing from where you posted you want to get bigger. High volume never reaching failure, you might train 6 days, twice daily. 20, 30, 40 minutes average depends on where you are now. Knowing yourself you decide if A B C A B C off is right for you. Chad Waterbury just wrote a new book about frequent training(HFT high frequency training a more sellable wording using body weight, i would guess chins, push-ups … I read his previous book (borrowed from librairy get huge in a hurry) where you can find 2 chapters about training frequently. Titles are from memory, if you are motivated with the name of the author you will find.

All the best !

You can only workout aa much as you can recover from… too much is not necessarely better

High frequency training is awesome for strength but for BBing it doesn’t seem to be necessary, nor optimal.

^what zraw said. You can spend an extra few hours sleeping for recovery :slight_smile:

10 hours sleep and/or a nap

BigBeyondBelief 2 a day . May the lord have mercy on you .

[quote]DazeDolo wrote:
BigBeyondBelief 2 a day . May the lord have mercy on you .[/quote]

in the same vein…

[quote]DazeDolo wrote:
BigBeyondBelief 2 a day . May the lord have mercy on you .[/quote]

Why recommend something that most people that have tried it said it wasnt beneficial at all and that you better stick to the other 2 options…

Get a job and pay for your nutrition.