fastest gains

Check-it! I have two options I made a bet saying I would gain ten pounds in a month and a half or I would start juicing. Now I’ve been lifting hard but I don’t have any solid routines, or programs I follow. What do you think would be the best program for me to see gains!

Dude you are just asking to get flamed. I say make an appointment to have your gyno removed in 6 months.

Ten pounds of what?

There’s this thing called the FAQ. You should get to know it.


You really should think before you ask stuff like that. I can gain 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Doesn’t mean that it is muscle. If you are a newbie, which is apparent, then you should have no problem gaining. Read the past articles and FAQs.

Six weeks you say. Sounds perfect for Growth Surge. 3 two week cycles. I’m just in week six and I’m up about 10lbs. Check it out in the FAQ. Prepare to bust your ass, EAT and grow.

You made that a bet? Thats a crazy bet man. Do it natural until you can’t gain any more for like three years in a row (plateau for three years in a row) and then think about steroids. And when you start thinking about steroids think about small permanent gains. Oh and you can win that bet by getting ten pounds of fat and hiding it which would be safer than roids for you right now. I’d say get fat and lift less reps more weight if this bet is important to you, but your body more so. Unless of course you are already a freakish monster then you definately aren’t going to gain 10 pounds that fast.