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Fastest And Safest Way To Lean Out?


I've only been bodybuilding for a few years. My body fat is only about 15-20%. What would you suggest to lean out quickly, but safely?


Don't regularly eat junk and increase activity level. It's not going to be "quick", but it be effective and safe.


I rarely eat junk foods, but I could increase my activity level. Would increasing the reps count for this? Maybe add an additional set to my workouts?


What are your stats? Training style, diet type, etc.


the search button.

type in a few phrases regarding leaning out, you should find plenty of articles and threads where all your questions have already been answered



Yep, strategic use of increased reps would work. Look into Alwyn Cosgrove's Afterburn program or Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training. Also look into using "finishers" at the end of your workouts. Dan John has had some awesome articles on here about them.

Nutrition-wise, gradually cutting back on carbs will have a relatively faster effect on dropping weight (not necessarily fat, initially.)

In general, as has been said, move a little more, eat a little less, and do neither to an extreme.


I'm 6', 200 lbs. I've put on about 50 lbs. already from when I started. I have a workout partner, and we push each other pretty hard. I do all the heavy exercise (i.e. bench, squats, deadlifts)plus work my full body. I am trying to get to 220 or so, but want to be a little leaner.

My diet is pretty good. I'm getting plenty of everything. I eat three meals a day and only drink water, nutritional drinks, and liquid aminos.


Thanks JB. I'll check it out.


increase to 6 meals a day or more. But smaller. This is one of the first things that should have happened a long time ago. cut back carbs slowly and increase the good fats a little. Take fish oil. Increase your activity level and youll lose weight.