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Faster Yet More Effective Taper?


I was wondering whether the "Test-E @ 100 mgs/week" phase of Prisoner's test taper could be omitted. Here's my reasoning: The half life of Test-E is 10 days. Thus, immediately after the final shot (@ 250/mgs per shot), there would presumably be about 1000 mgs of test in the body. In 10 * 3 days ~= 4 weeks, if no shots are administered, test levels will be around 125 mgs. This is the point where the body may start producing its own test.

Those shots at 100 mgs/week seem to me to just delay the time needed to get test levels low enough for natural test production to be restored. 600/mgs test could be saved and 12 fewer shots administered if this phase were removed.

Am I missing something?

Thanks guys.


The important (and crucial) aspect is the gradual decline from that number on down. If we used that logic, you could argue that one could skip forward to the 40 day mark (nearly 6 weeks post final injection) and just start a gradual taper when there's only 62.5mg of Test E in the system. Well, you would have to agree that this notion is foolish, because the entire concept of the Taper protocol is a gradual and even decrease in Test levels, not the downward spike of it.

The most important weeks will be those that hover right at the levels of natural production by the gonads, which if we suppose the "average" figure is 7mg/day then that is the ~50mg/week mark.

The gradual mark at 100mg/wk is a good idea because it will allow the receptors to regulate, it is not just a formality in time and order. This will help replenish and reboot that GnRH, LH and natural Test as well, and thus re-sensitize them in a way and if I recall correctly Prisoner stated it would help the binding globulin to drop. I would imagine if you went that 30 day period without the least bit of a taper you would find that a great deal of that alleged 1000mg left in the bloodstream would aromatize drastically, leading to libido and mood issues.

You're straying from the concept of the taper itself by going with the old line of thinking that the "taper" comes natural from the ester's half-life. Basically, it's a bastardization of both.


Good point and thanks for the thoughtful reply. I hadn't considered the time receptors needed to up-regulate, though I was reading about that recently. I think I'll stick with the original taper Prisoner proposed.

I wish PCT didn't have to take so long (since I suppose I'll count PCT as time on, for purposes of having time on = time off), but I see that it's unavoidable, and I'm glad to have a protocol that works.


P22 says you can count taper, including stasis, as time off, I believe. Meaning that if you really wanted to, you could go right back on after the last 20mg shot.


I'm doing the taper right now. I'm in the 100mg phase so no real feedback to give as of yet but I will give some when I'm done or even a few weeks after.

I feel most people sharing their log only talk about their "on" time and maybe a few weeks of PCT. I've not seen many log for 8-10 weeks after the last shot.

I'm interested in how gains are kept, not just how much are made while on. Personally I gained 10-12 pounds on 2 week cycles... but didnt keep more than a pound after so I'm hoping for different results with longer cycles + test taper PCT.

BTW Prisoner does indeed consider all the taper period as off time. I will still do a few weeks of no AAS at all, just to show myself I'm still "in control".


How do the other vets on the site feel about counting tapering as off time? I mean, testosterone production is still shut down for two-thirds of the taper. I wonder if the goal of time off is just to have natural testosterone production start up again.