Faster Strength Progressive Overload Combine with Max Hypertrophy Training


First set = heavy training for progressive overload, 1x6-8
2nd to 4th sets = hypertrophy training, drop 20% weight from 1st set, 3x10 with 1 min rest between sets.

We increase weight whenever we hit reps in first set only. What you think?

If you are asking if lifting heavy stuff to get stronger and then lifting more stuff to get bigger is a sound idea, then the answer is yes. 5/3/1 does this too, as does the Cube, the Juggernaut method, and pretty much every successful program.

To get bigger, you need to add weight to the bar or increase the reps you do over time. Unless you are training to be more technically and neurally efficient in certain lifts, everything you do with weights in whatever rep range is “hypertrophy training”. Of course, common sense must be exercised here. Don’t start doing only singles for compounds or triples for side raises and then come back and tell me I’m full of shit.

There will be those who tell you that for hypertrophy you don’t have to increase weight or reps. Half these people don’t know what they are talking about. You can only do this when you are advanced enough to quantify progression through other means when your mind muscle connection is good enough.

please read my first post again. i did say 1st set = progressive overload (increase weight whenever hit reps)

I am saying your 1st set is “hypertrophy training”. Progressive overload = hypertrophy. I am also saying your weights or reps for the 2nd to 4th sets should gradually increase according to your abilities.

I think you’re overthinking it, just like you have in previous threads.

If you increase the weight on the first set, and you use 80% of that first set for sets 2-4, you’ll automatically be increasing those later sets consistently too. So, yes, fine. Do that.

But like DT was getting at, using progressively more weight for 6-8 reps will build plenty of muscle, so that’s certainly “hypertrophy training”.