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Is there a way to get to the bottom of a thread quickly instead of scrolling down through the whole thing?

Click on the post number in the lower right hand corner. A vertical bar will pop up, just use the slider the scroll to the end.


Awesome, thanks. Also, how come when you reply to someone it just shows their avi of who you replied to and doesn’t show what they posted? Because sometimes my posts won’t make sense unless ppl see what I replied to.

When the person clicks on the notification it will take them to the post you commented on.

True, but what about everyone else? Your post may not make sense to the lurkers if they don’t see what you replied to. I mean, even if they can click on it too isn’t it easier/more convenient to show what was posted?

I’m not in charge so… it is what it is.
No one is forcing you to be here. Dems da rules.

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Fair enough, just want to know how this place works is all.

You could always quote someone…


And I was trying help. You’re new so, it helps to read most of what I post with as much sarcasm as possible . :roll_eyes:

Yes! This is what I am looking for, how do I quote?

Phone or computer?

Hold your finger down on the text you want to quote.


Gjdm, got it. I usually use ipad, sometimes mobile.

You can play around with features/buttons, make test posts, and see what’s what in the Forum Feature Practice thread.

Not really, especially in long-running threads you’d end up having to sort through walls of text before getting to the actual reply.

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Click this button

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Appreciate it guys, thanks for the feedback.