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Faster, Longer, Stronger, Maybe Bigger


So my plan is three full body workout's a week. Beyond that I'm not sure how to set this up. I want a heavy work load, but I know I'm going to want to over train. My plan is three days a week of MT and JJ, and three days a week of lifting.

Wouldn't mind going up a weight class and gaining strength, but keeping my endurance and speed are more important. I'll be mixing high volume and intensity, with low intensity and heavy weight. So I'll be mixing strength reps, with some high reps, a little tabata, and maybe some hypertrophy. To be honest I change it up almost every workout. My general guidelines will be:

  1. 3 maybe 4 movements for upper push and pull, same for lower body.

  2. Set/rep schemes being: 5,3,1 and 5x5 for strength/ 10 x 3 and 10 x 5 for explosive and high intensity/ Some 4x10 3x 15 and maybe a 12,10,8,6 every now and again.

  3. I like working HARD in the gym as well as on the mat, so I'd rather over work myself and have to take a couple of extra days of every few weeks, than not work hard enough.


Make sure to eat a TON! When I was doing just a Waterbury 10x3 program and boxing, I didn’t eat more and after a few months I was hurting.


I’ll be living in a dormitory with as much food as I’d like, and protein shakes in between! I’ll be eating like a beast! Low carbs though, gotta watch my girlish figure haha.


Sooooooooo how did your summer training go??



Hahaha sorry KMC, probably should have asked you for help first… but I didn’t want to burden you. Summer training went well, although I didn’t do much of my track work. I switched a few things up, but I think i made a few lbs gain, which is good considering I was carb cycling the whole way. So if you’re not opposed to me asking… what would you suggest?